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Dwyane Wade says he’d like to end career with Heat

WADE  (Internet Photo)

WADE (Internet Photo)

Dwyane Wade says he’d like to end career with Heat

Will Wade sign a ceremonial one-day contract, or play out his career with Miami like Alonzo Mourning did?

By Barry Jackson

      Dwyane Wade chose to join the Cleveland Cavaliers last year possibly for one last championship run with good friend LeBron James over the Miami Heat, despite overtures from Udonis Haslem and Dion Waiters. But the franchise’s favorite son may soon find himself with the Heat.

Before the Cavaliers’ game against the Miami Heat Jan. 31, Wade said that he would “love” to end his career in Miami.

Now, we don’t know whether Wade will sign a ceremonial one-day contract with Miami — as Paul Pierce did with the Boston Celtics, or Amar’e Stoudemiere did with the New York Knicks — or if he’ll play for the Heat, similar to Alonzo Mourning’s role with the Heat from 2005 to his eventual retirement.

The following quote is from Barry Jackson’s article.

“I don’t know,” he said before the Heat played the Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena. “For me, I’m at the point where you get this high up in years played in the NBA, you kind of take the summer to think about what you want as a player and go from there. For me, the arena that I walked in to play, I would like to leave in. How it’s done, I don’t know. I can’t predict the future. If it’s a Paul Pierce situation or just playing, I don’t know. But I definitely would like to walk out the same way I came in.”

So what will Wade do this summer? If LeBron James leaves the Cavaliers, will Wade follow him? If Wade joins the Heat for a one-year deal, what will that team look like?

We’ll see. But it’s clear that Wade wants to retire as a Heat player.


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