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Education and law embrace the politics of political deception

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Education and law embrace the politics of political deception

By Derek Joy

The obvious intensity magnified campaign efforts of political candidates as the 14 day early voting period passed the half way point, growing as the Nov. 4th midterm elections are less than a week away.

Here and there.  They scurry about the electorate and the media. Selling campaign platforms, making promises and launching ruthless attacks on opponents.

It isn’t just the candidates. There is an abundance of one sided promotions engineered by both Democrats and Republicans. Fuel is added to fire by other entities, especially that have no limits on fundraising or campaign expenditures.

So, let me tell you a story.  A matter of simple considerations for voters in particular, and the American public in general.

You see, Republican Governor Rick Scott is full throttle in campaign for re-election.

Former Republican Governor Charlie Crist has mounted an impressive challenge as a Democrat.

Various political poll indicate the two are in a dead heat.

Consequently, each did his political best during media interviews.  Both were featured by host Jim DeFede on the WFOR/CBS 4 program Facing South Florida, and on the WPLG/Local 10 program This Week in South Florida with hosts Michael Putney and Glenna Milberg.

Just like that.  Their campaign rhetoric in separate appearances on those programs that aired Sunday led me to a focus on education and the law.  Two valued commodities in American society.

People of color built a rich history of discrimination. Legislated by the Framers who drafted, then engineered ratification of the U. S. States Constitution.  Somehow, as the story goes, 13 states were represented in Congress for that landmark vote.

And so, people fought for the right to be an independent nation.  Free to govern itself as The Republic of the United States of America.

Funny thing about waging the Revolutionary War. The British Empire relinquished its governing rights, the claim to British subjects.  Congressional Representatives from South Carolina forced the inclusion of the Three Fifths Clause.

The law of the land made it profitable to own slaves. A Democratic form of government that thrives on Capitalism. Slave owners were given three votes for every five slaves.

Granted.  Evolution resulted in Constitutional Amendments that eliminated some of the injustices, which are ever present in deceptive practices.  Precisely the reason citizens shouldn’t have to be coddled, prodded to vote as a Constitutional Right and civic duty.

Academic lessons in civics, geography, history and more were taught in elementary school and beyond.  Application of those lessons give rise to haunting questions.

The majority rules in a democratic form of government. A look at some of the legislated practices seem to be a political majority in a legislative body, rather than the majority of the citizenry.

Hence, a valid question to ask any political incumbent or candidate, is often ignored: Do propose legislation, and or cast your vote based on the majority of your constituents?

Seldom, if ever, is that the case, especially career politicians who claim to have voted their conscience.




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