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Education taps resources in the politics of political confusion

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Education taps resources in the politics of political confusion

By Derek Joy

Hardly time for the dust to settle and the smoke to clear in the aftermath of last week’s elections before the rat killing opened full blast.

Everybody pretty much expected Republican Governor Rick Scott and aformer Republican Governor turned Independent turn Democrat Charlie Crist would spark the fireworks.

Scott had a mere write-candidate to knock off, while Crist won fairly easily over former State Senator Nan Rich. And the battle is on, dirt and all.

Interestingly enough, Black Americans had another poor showing at the polls. Some wonder if it’ll be the same in the general elections on Nov. 6. Others wonder if people know, or care about the excess baggage and liabilities that both Scott and Crist carry.

Trouble is, there are people who insist that much of the population isn’t aware of the scandalous facts about the gubernatorial contestants.

One activist who requested anonymity, said: “Most Black people who vote are senior citizens. They don’t know about how Rick Scott and his healthcare organization with $200 million while the company has billions in fines. They don’t look at the news or read the paper.”

Perhaps the same could be said for young Black American voters. Maybe they need to get up on the issues of who wins or who loses. And maybe those senior citizens shouldn’t be so derelict in their responsibilities for being the guiding hand of wisdom for our youth.

Sure. Scott got a golden parachute when he got out of Dodge just ahead of the posse.  Maybe he should do the same now.

After all, he left the healthcare organization that he founded and built. Got out after the Justice Department nailed his company for multiple counts of perpetrating medicare fraud.

Put his $200 million to work and bought the Florida Governor’s mansion. This happened after Crist abdicated the Governor’s mansion for an unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate.

Crist welcomed President Barack Obama to Fort Myers, Fla. Embraced him. Even accepted federal dollars at a time when Florida’s economy staggered to its knees as a result of the recession that came under then President George W. Bush.

Republicans withdrew their support of Crist in favor of Marco Rubio, who went on to become Florida’s Junior Senator and the first Cuban American seated in the U.S. Senate.

Now, we’ll see if the chickens come home to roost. They most definitely should.

At any rate, the whole mess can be seen in the mess that recently engulfed Florida International University. Just so happens that FIU Athletic Director Pete Garcia saw fit to deny media credential for Miami Herald sports reporter David J. Neal.

The denial was not accompanied by a reason or explanation. The Herald has yet to resolve that issue. Neither has FIU President Mark Rosenberg.

Many wonder whether or not it was because Neal is a Black American, which happens more often than some would believe.

Funny how Garcia fired NBA Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas as the basketball coach, despite Thomas having won more games (7) in his first than the program had won during the previous three years,

Hired Richard Pitino who stayed only one season before bolting for the University of Minnesota. Then he fired football coach Mario Cristobal and hired recycled Ron Turner who has managed to wreak havoc on the University of Illinois, among other programs, as his claim to fame. Hasn’t done much winning anywhere. And he won’t do much winning at FIU.

Education. Politics. Now there’s a ball of confusion that the taxpaying voters should address.


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