Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Education unfolds religion in the politics of morality

By Derek Joy

Black Friday saw the dawn of the holiday season.

There’s Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s in relatively rapid fire order.

Ironically, education, as does religion, comes into play during the holiday season. Obviously, education is tremendously helpful in reading and understanding the historical significance of each holiday.

No. It isn’t the old television series, The Lone Ranger. and, no, the William Tell Overture isn’t being played as an introduction.

Yes. It is a call to “Come with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. . .”

You see, when all was said and done in fighting the Revolutionary War, the Republic of the United States of America was born. A governing document – the U.S. Constitution – was drafted, ratified and became the law of the land.

Thus, a “Separation of Church and State,” Freedom of Speech/Press and more freedoms for which the War of Independence was fought. The three-fifths clause was legislated into the Constitution.

In that very governing document all of those freedoms were denied Black Americans at the manipulative demands of Representatives of South Carolina. Legislated into the Constitution.

Limited education leads to the reality that religion was sorely missing in the decision to deny a portion of the population the very freedoms for which the Revolutionary War was fought.

The putrid politics of morality – or the lack thereof – raised its ugly and foul head.

Nearly a century later the Civil War was fought, President Abraham Lincoln delivered his historic Gettysburg Address/Prayer and signed the Emancipation Proclamation into law and Black Americans entered another state of political deception.

Abolishing slavery was more of an afterthought, a rallying cry of sorts to induce men to fight under the guise of a cause. Truth is; the biggest fight was for the control and use of the gold and silver and other riches on the western frontier.

Black Americans never did enjoy equality, or share in those riches. Never even got that 40 acres and a mule. No. There has been a never ending series of legal discriminations created by the religious and morally bankrupt power brokers in America.

Interestingly enough, education and religion are key components in the foundation of mankind’s existence. Both help shape the legal aspects of life in America.

So, too, are both obviously prevalent in the inherent structure of American morality.

Granted, The Constitution demands a “Separation of Church and State. However, politicians attempt to reign omnipresent in the religious community when they’re hot on the campaign trail.

Consequently, as we enjoy this Holiday Season, Americans should constantly ask themselves one question: Does God in Heaven see all the dirt people do on earth?


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