Employers want more than just a college degree; here is what they look for

Employers want more
Employers want more

 Employers want more than just a college degree; here is what they look for

By Staff Blogger

      If you are looking for a job then you need to prove that you have a broad and desirable skill set. Most employers want to see that you use logic and reasoning in making a decision and show quality critical thinking skills. They want someone who can approach problems with good solutions.

     Employers also like to see that potential employees utilize quality problem solving skills. Being able to identify an issue and resolve it shows them that you are flexible and intelligent.

Future employers want to see that you are not only able to make decisions, but that you are able to make good decisions. Showing them that you use good judgment in your decision making process makes employers feel more secure.

     Showing potential employers that you are an active listener by asking good questions, giving the speaker your full attention and not interrupting them is important in the workplace. Take your time and understand what they are trying to tell you.

     Being able to use the technology is desirable. Being computer literate is a big plus when it comes to landing a job. If you know Microsoft Office and Adobe; then employers won’t have to waste their time teaching you the basics. Studies have shown that being functional in math is also a plus with many employers.

            Learn how to assess yourself and your performance so you know what your strengths are and what needs improvement. Doing this with yourself, others employees and areas within your workplace will help you and your fellow employees to become more efficient and better workers

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