Eta Nu Achievement Week

Eta Nu’s 2022 inductees “UnQonQuerable 9” at Achievement Week program

By Sylvester “Nunnie” Robinson

To celebrate Omega’s founding, chapters around the country and internationally hold weekly activities highlighting achievements of individual brothers and collective accomplishments with the intended purpose of enhancing the quality of life of citizens and cities in which they reside and serve. Eta Nu began its Achievement Week activities with a virtual book club discussion of a novel titled White Lies, the mid-term elections and other current events impacting our world. On Sunday, November 13, 2022,  the chapter held its formal Achievement Week program at the Mt. Hermon AME Church Family Life Center to honor, recognize and  acknowledge the myriad contributions of the chapter and individual brothers during the past fiscal year. Hosted by Master of Ceremony Brother Rufus Curry, the program began with a salute to Eta Nu brothers who had served honorably  in the military, appropriate and especially relevant since veterans were being honored around the country and the chapter’s representation was impressive. The following Eta Nu brothers served : Army – Founders James L. Jones and Joseph A. Smith, John Wimberly, Lennox George, Moses Barnes, Anthony Reyes, Rodney Hankins, Jr., Kenneth Pace, Rufus Curry, Phillip Reese, Jerry Dinkins, David Gayle, Ken Riley, and Eric Rucker; Air Force – Larry Leverett, Melvin Brooks, Carlos Sampson  and Feirmon Johnson; USMC – James St. Louis; and USCG – James Stuart. Awards were presented in the following categories: Citizen of the Year – Desorae Giles-Smith; Superior Service Award- Aaron Whitfield; Brigadier General Charles Young Award- Carlos Sampson; Lifetime Achievement Award- Lennox George; and Omega Man of the Year- Harrison Jones. Our visionary Basileus Bruce Terry Brown acknowledged the tireless efforts of newly inducted members from 3 distinct lines, fraternally unprecedented, during his tenure naming the 2021 line “ 12 Righteous Sons of Thunder most outstanding.

Achievement Week chair Brother Steve Rozier presents 55 year service pin to Brother William “Bill” Lyons as Brother Phil Reese pensively observes.

In addition, Years of Service Awards from 5-65 years were presented to the following brothers:


5 Years of Service –

Eugene Law, Reinaldo Ortiz,

Torrence Phillips, Phillip Reese,

Carlos Sampson, Christopher Taylor , Gregory Walker ll  and Langston Wimberly – Eta Nu

10 Years of Service

Ted Rosalva, Kappa Tau

15 Years of Service

Richard Yeargin, Jr. Xi Psi


The “UnQonQuerable 9” pose, hooks up, with MSP chair Brother Eddie Moise.

20 Years of Service 

Antonio Brihm, Daryl Johnson, James Stuart – Eta Nu

25 Years of Service – Eddy Moise, Robert Smith and Marvin Whitfield – Eta Nu

40 Years of Service

Kenneth Howard, Zeta Chi, Anthony Reyes, Gamma Epsilon

45 Years of Service : Tommie Robinson, Delta Sigma; Larry Barnswell and Kenneth Ivory, Upsilon Psi

50 Years of Service : Thomas Flowers, Tau Omega; Wilford Thompson and Gregory

Walker, Sigma Sigma


 55 Years of Service – Clarence

Grisham, Psi – William Lyons, Kappa Gamma

Finally, in tribute the longevity, dedication, and loyal devotion to the fraternity’s cardinal principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift, the following brothers were inducted into Eta Nu’s inaugural legends class:

Joseph A. Smith – Founder

Clifford Dudley- Founder

Edgar P. Mills – Founder

James L. Jones- Founder

Samuel Clear, Robert Bailey- Charter Member, William Lyons, Clarence Grisham, Malcolm Roberts , George King, Sylvester Robinson, Charles Box, Lawrence Harris, Clifford Wimberly, Thomas Flowers, Wilfred Thompson, Gregory Walker, John Wimberly, Harry Harrell, and Melvin Davis.

Following is a listing of the most recent lines inducted into the folds of Omega.


2020 – “Quepacalypse 10”

  1. Jerry “Dr. DooLittle” Remedor
  2. Patrick “Half-baked” Alcius
  3. Demani “Nyquil” Smith
  4. Adrian “Bucket List” Link
  5. Kelvin “Waterboy” Thompkins Jr
  6. Vernon “Fater Time” Williams
  7. Exzabrion “Boss Hogg” Barton
  8. Dwight “Space Jam” Parsons
  9. John “DunQan Hines” James Jr
  10. David “Walkie Talkie” Walker II


2021 – “12 Righteous Sons Of Thunder” 2022 Line of the Year

  1. Whitney “WiQipedia” Rawls
  2. Gregory “Qrunch” Hammond
  3. Taji “Giggles” Parrish
  4. Marvin “MethodiQal” Allen
  5. Raymond “Rob Marley” Davis
  6. Jerry “Major Pain” Dinkins
  7. Drametrice “Hard Head” Smith
  8. Eddy “Baby DoQ” Fabre
  9. Darion “PsyQQotic” Gray
  10. Johnny “Lazarus” Williams
  11. David “Qryptic” Gayle
  12. Bruce “Methuselah” McGraw


2022 – “UnQonQUErable 9”


  1. Richard “Nutty Qfessor” Agledor
  2. Arelious “Qonscious” Burns
  3. Melvin “The SeQUEl” Davis, Jr.
  4. James “The Predator” Davis, III
  5. Ransom “AQademIQ” Johnson, II
  6. Kirk “Sho Nuff” Hammond
  7. Eric “Mr. Brown” Rucker
  8. Karl “PaniQ AttaQ” Kinsey
  9. Emmanuel “Train WreQ” Ferrell


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