Evading the issue which is the cause and effect of police brutality on Blacks

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Evading the issue which is the cause and effect of police brutality on Blacks

By Dr. P.L. Wright, Ph.D.

      I am a good listener. On television the news reporters and the interviewed guests are skiping over, and evading the fact about what started this violence against our police officers. It started after the killing of two more Black unarmed men by a police officer on camera with the assumption that there would not be any accountability by the police officer who did the shooting that killed the unarmed person… First of all, at 71 years now, I can remember as a 15-year-old child at a school entertainment event, watching the late Jackie Wilson performing at our high school gym.

All of a sudden white police stormed in with dogs barking and jumping up and down in our direction for no apparent reason to date. Currently the only thing we know is it had to be one of their forms of racist activities. As Black children, we have been terrorized over and over again by the police and nothing is ever done to investigate those police for what they did. I truly believe that none of us want our police to be shot at or killed, nor do we  want the oppression, profiling and targeting and killing of our Black youth – male and female – by our trusted police officers to continue daily either, thus creating the organization “Black Lives Matter”.

This is the effect of what first caused the terrorizing of our police we are now experiencing. The Blue code of silence should be changed to weed out those criminals acting as police officers who feel they can commit the killing of any Black person and not be held accountable for his or her criminal actions against Black people or anyone. All lives do matter, but in this cause and effect issue case, the killing of Black men and women is the cause and effect, creating other persons who must be angry and sick to create nefarious acts toward our police officers. Police officers, please make a conscientious effort to end this senseless killing of any Black male or human being by turning in the police officer who is responsible for creating this violence and horrific dilemma.

All you have to do is make yourself and other police officers responsible for weeding out the criminal elements on the police force of whom you are aware of committing these crimes. It will be a good start to end this killing of each other in America.


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