Everywhere You Look in America You Find A Black Footprint

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

It is very easy to get frustrated with Black people when you start looking for problems within our community. The first glaring issues in the Black community are drugs, alcohol and Black men struggling with manhood. The system is set up for Black men to fail, and Black women struggle to love their men.

A large percentage of Black women follow the teaching of Christianity, and many Black men struggle and challenge the teaching of Jesus Christ. Since there is confusion in the Black church with men and women, this topic is suppressed and not talked about. Many Black men see the preacher as a scam artist, who is only concerned with growing their flock.

Seventy (70%) percent of Black women in America are single parents, and with a large percentage of Black men in jail – we must ask, “Where is the love?”

There is confusion and a disagreement in the Black community on what success is and what failure is.  From a sociological, economical, and political point of view in the last 50 years, there has been tremendous achievements and progress for Black people. In 1964 when the Civil Rights Act became law, there were only 5 members of Congress, and now there are 58 and 3 Black Senators.

In 1964 the Black footprint in Congress was very small, but in 2022 it continues to grow and expand. In 2008 there was the first Black president, President Barack Obama, and now there is the first Black/multi-cultural woman Vice-President, Vice-President Kamala Harris. It is time for Black people to be positive and build on our success.

On the Supreme Court the longest running jurist is a Black Man, Judge Clarence Thomas. When the new jurist is confirmed to the highest Court, she will be a Black Woman, Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson.

In states with local elections there are so many Black state legislatures in office or running for office; many times no one knows they are Black. Now many candidates are judged by the level of their work and commitment, as opposed by the color of their skin. In the major cities many of the mayors are Black, and across the country many city commissioners are Black.

With all this Black success in American politics, many Blacks have been lethargic and not enthusiastic about our progress.  Many Black men are not registered to vote, and many Blacks who are 18 to 25 are lazy about voting and are not educated about the importance of voting. Again many Blacks are not following our ancestor’s footprints, and all we have to do now is be engaged and take control of power.

There is still overt racism, oppression, and discrimination, but Blacks are entering professions and businesses that were once denied and blocked are opening up. There are more CEOs and superstars who are successful Black activists, scholars, social commentators, writers, screenwriters, artist, musicians and athletes, who are leaving their footprints for the next generations.

Since the sixties Blacks are moving into middle-class and earning undergraduate and advanced degrees, receiving higher wages and increased household incomes. With all this newfound prosperity, Blacks are now traveling around the world and our footprint continues to expand.

Economically there are Black Billionaires and there are many more Black millionaires.  Black businesses are expanding across the country, and they need the support and patronized by the community.

Finally, the concept of Black identity is growing and Black immigrants, Caribbean’s, and Black Hispanics now consider Black as their race. With this new influx in communities and neighborhoods, the footprint is challenging and what is considered Black.

The people of color are shocking and shaking the foundation of America, and leadership will reflect diversity and minorities. The clock is moving forward, pay close attention to the beauty and power of the Black footprint.


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