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Executive director at Positive Images Enterprises, Inc.

Georgia-FosterExecutive director at Positive Images Enterprises, Inc. 

By Georgia Foster

We are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. We dress men and women for job interviews free of charge. Some of the men have never worn a suit and do not know how to tie a tie. When they are shown what a difference it makes to dress appropriately, you should see the expression on their faces. Many times they are honest enough to say, “I have never worn a suit” or “Can you help me tie this tie?”

Many of these men are veterans. In 2014, we donated approximately 600 suits to veterans at the Miami VA Medical Center and during the 2014 Homeless Veterans Stand Down.

They go on to land the job because they are educated that regardless of what the job is, when they come “Dressed to Impress”, they outshine their competitors who have the same qualifications.

Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of large sizes for them (as well as women). Our goal is to reduce the existing smaller sizes to purchase more appropriate larger sizes. You can help by either coming to our Reduction of Inventory Event, sending someone who is in need of a men’s suit or pass it forward by making a donation that can be used to purchase larger sizes. Your donations are tax deductible. Georgia Foster, executive director, Positive Images Enterprises, Inc. 2700 W. Okld. Pk .Blvd., Second Floor, Suite 21, Okld. Pk., Fla. (954) 484-1824


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