Fake news, Black people don’t vote and plastic guns are all homemade devices of mass destruction

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Now I urge you, brethren, keep your eye on those who cause dissensions and [a]hindrances contrary to the teaching which you learned, and turn away from them. Romans 16:17 (NASB)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

“Americans will soon be able to down load 3-D printed guns starting August 1, 2018.” After receiving a chain of texts from a couple of friends, I got kinda sick to my stomach.

The chain went like this:

Friend 1: Why you should carry (conceal weapon) all the time nowadays.

Friend 2: The number of people that I am coming in contact daily with mental health issues is disturbing.

Friend 1: They’ll have access, too.

Friend 3: A gun is going to be the new American Express card; never leave home without it. We are going back to the Wyatt Earp (wild, wild West) days.

Friend 1: Better practice shooting from your horse and wagon and shutters and just know, if an (expletive) has what looks like a toy or plastic, cap gun days are over for real.

Friend 3: The days of children playing with toy guns will soon be over. This is going to be a field day for police to shoot Black people.

Friend 1: Po Po already shooting them.

Friend 3: They are currently shooting us at an alarming rate, but soon it will be of epic proportion.

Friend 1: Stand your ground bill already passed here in Ohio. These rednecks can’t wait to use their new (expletive) out on Black folk. And you are correct.

Friend 3: And this will be used as a justification.

Friend 1: We are on the same page. Law Enforcement won’t be able to keep up…once the lay of the land on getting away with murder and how easy it will be gets around.

Friend 3: After printing guns become legal and the shooting of black and brown people by the police, it will take more than marches and politics to get this to change. Hell, the police will start printing their own guns and start killing us. Get ready for the revolution.

Friend 1: Damn (expletive) near every school & Library I know has a 3D printer….Once the plans are accessible August 1, you’ll see them start missing! Guess I better order mine on Amazon.

Friend 3: A lot of devious (expletive) is gonna go down. I better stock up on ammo and  additional fire arms.

Friend 1: A lot of devious (expletive) to say the least! The dope game, the prostitution game, burglaries, robberies, and Homicides (expletive) can you imagine Chicago gangs! I expect the black market to be flooded with this (expletive)

Friend 3: Talk about a crime of opportunity. Hold on to your britches.

Friend 1: (expletive)it, if I can make a plastic gun, might as well make plastic bullets and shoot em up close, real cheap!

Friend 3: Let me know how that turns out.

Friend 2 Unsolved murders are going to go through the roof.

And I can’t believe that some Black and Brown people are believing the hype that, “COLORED people don’t vote.”

If killing us with real guns and now the possibility of plastic guns doesn’t move us to make some serious new changes in our leadership roles- what in the hell will!?

How can that be said when COLORED people came out in droves to get President Barack Obama elected. What should be questioned are the persons who are vying for their votes. In what direction does their moral compass steer them: in prejudice or acceptance? Then ask, “What have you done for them lately to give them hope for voting for you, instead of lies about what you didn’t do!

Do you really wanna here some fake news-count on people of color and Black women not voting in the upcoming elections.


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