Fear of a Mad Man

John Johnson

By John Johnson

Nearly nine decades ago, former President Franklin D. Roosevelt uttered these famous words, “The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself.” Now, it’s not just fear, but rather it’s fear of a “Mad Man,” Putin. Consequently  America and its NATO Alliances are held hostage by Putin threats to NUKE Ukraine; thus, also  causing  fear of the inevitable, World War III.

History revealed that America has once before been immobilized by fear and its belief in isolationism as World War II ensued. Rather than enter the war earlier against Hitler, another mad man, America’s isolationists believed it was a dispute between foreign nations and it was best to avoid offending either side.

America’s fears and isolationism allowed Hitler to perpetuate the world’s most horrific inhuman atrocities, the Holocaust. Now, America and all of civilization must again watch live on TV, in living color, Putin, a mad  man, massacre men, women, children, and babies waiting to be birthed. Is this not an abomination before God?

President Bi-den and the NATO Alliance must project a new resolve when threaten by ruthless dictators possessing nuclear weapons. Otherwise, they’ll forever be controlled and held as hostages to their own perils.

Remember, the German people and German Commanders allowed Hitler, a mad man, to   lead them to their destruction. As Germany was conquered, rather than facing capture, Hitler, cowardly committed suicide. Are Putin’s nuclear threats not those of a suicidal mad man?

The Russian people, Putin’s Commanders and diplomats must be told that no one wins if they allow their president, Vladimir Putin not only to threaten   but to start a nuclear war. They must be told and provided tactical proof that within  minutes of an attack against America and its NATO Alliances, every city within Russia would be destroyed.

It’s not naivety, but rather stupidity to think that Putin will stop should he gain control of Ukraine. Russia’s GDP is 1.483 trillion USD (2020). Ukraine’s GDP is 155.6 billion USD (2020), and it possesses 5% of the world’s mineral resources. Consequently, is it not obvious why Putin wants to overthrow and annex Ukraine. He will have pulled off the biggest bank robbery of the 21st Century.

The world must constantly be reminded that its greatest fears lie not with nuclear weapons, but rather the fear of mad men who possesses control over them; and also, their willingness to use such control to hold America and its NATO Alliance as hostages.




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