First Baptist Piney Grove hosts Thanksgiving for the public

First-Baptist-Piney-Grove-cFirst Baptist Piney Grove hosts Thanksgiving for the public

By Ciera Campbell, FAMU STUDENT

First Baptist Piney Grove Church (FBPGC) sponsored their first Thanksgiving sit-down meal to the tri-county area on Nov. 25 from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m.

FBPGC offered hot meals which included ham, turkey, and desserts with the side of fellowship.

Josephus Eggelletion Jr, director of progress ministry for FBPGC explains the importance of hosting a Thanksgiving meal at the church.

“We (progress ministry) looked around and we knew that there were a lot of people in our community who are going without food, who are standing in food and soup lines everyday trying to find food to eat. We thought it was important for us as God has asked us to do to take care of the poor,” Eaggelletion said.

The Thanksgiving meal was dedicated to helping deplete starvation in our community.

“This is our first year doing an actual sit-down meal what we have down in the past is we provided box meals of turkey and everything that is needed to prepare a meal at home. But when we looked around the community we realized people don’t have a place to sleep or have any place to cook those meals. So perhaps this year we will open our doors and feed those individuals,” Eggelletion added.

According Feeding America, 79 percent of households buy cheaper food despite knowing it might not be the healthiest, in an effort to feed their family. Three-quarters of Feeding America households live at or below the poverty line.

Laricka Forbes, a mother of six children and visitor to FBPGC, states her Thanksgiving experience at the Grove.

“When I walked inside the church I felt such a great spirit. I would like to visit again.  It was really nice for the church to do this for the community,” Ford states.

Although there are many families that go without meals FBPGC additionally wanted to offer a warm welcome and meal to residents who didn’t have company and were alone.

Pastor of FBPGC Dr. Derrick J. Hughes, states the importance of sharing the church’s kitchen and to non-members.

“Today was about giving a meal to those that needed a meal and also giving fellowship for those who might otherwise be lonely on a day like today,” Pastor Dr. Derrick J. Hughes sates.

For more information regarding FBPGC visit And for statists about hunger in America visit

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