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First Tuesday

Letter to the Editor:

First Tuesday

By James J. Hankins

Excerpt from my book “What We Blacks Need To Do”—ISIS cheered and danced after they bombarded a village, then ran in and raped the young girls and women before killing them. They then killed the saviors including children using guns, daggers, machetes and hatchets. Thursday May 4th Trump, his staff and most of the Republicans members of the U.S. House of Representatives cheered as they repealed Obamacare. They celebrated by having an “all you can drink” beer bash in the White House Rose garden. No Americans died that day but it is estimated that around 25 million people will be kicked off their insurance and 43,000 people will die each year under Trumpcare.

Only Congress can impeach Trump, but as a citizen, I can do my small part by helping to stop my U S Representative, David Rouszer—R-7th District—NC, retire because of his back-stabbing yes vote. I will do something positive to provide a little help to an unappreciated profession after living through Trump’s disasters 100 days. Our teachers must explain to their elementary students how their President tells at least 7 lies every day, uses profanity, disrespects ladies and says bad things about people who are not white and keep his job. I will buy a NC lottery ticket the 1st Tuesday of each month which will help toward giving much needed raises to my fellow teachers. That date marked on my calendar will remind me to post this on my Facebook page each month. I will post it up to the Mid-term election in 2018.


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