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Flakka kills!

Byler-HenryFlakka kills!

By Byler E. Henry, FAMU Student

Ladies and gentleman there is a dangerous element going around South Florida. The culprit is a synthetic drug called flakka, and it is horrible.

It’s a powerful drug that can come in a powder form, it can also be grounded into small pieces that resemble sugar.

It can be smoked, injected, or snorted. Mainly found in South Florida, it has made its way to Kentucky, California, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas.

The drug is known to have unusual and weird effects such as hallucinations and it can also increase your body temperature up to 106 degrees.

Just how dangerous is this drug you may ask? A resident who lives near Chicago, Mike Haney has said he doesn’t remember what he did for two days after taking the drug.

In Broward County there has been 27 deaths related to flakka in the past 10 months. Last month, there was a man high on flakka who attacked an elderly woman in her Rivera Beach, Florida home who died weeks later.

This flakka is a poison that needs to be stopped.

It is imported from China, Pakistan, and India and its main ingredient is alpha PVP (alphapyrrolidinovalerophenone). This substance is similar to cathinone. Cathinone is found in bath salts. Although cathinone is banned, but alpha PVP is not.

What also is alarming is how cheap flakka is, around $5. That’s just dangerous. Since this drug is so affordable, it is a lot easier to get a hold of. Since it is easy to get a hold of, it is running rampant through Broward County.

After hearing and reading many stories about this poison, I feel that it has to be stopped. The criminal is on the loose, it’s a gravel like venom with one mission and one mission only to spread its poison and run rampant. It must be stopped, it has caused enough chaos already.

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