Florida does it again

Governor Rick Scott
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Governor Rick Scott

Sensible Sue’s Rhetoric

Florida does it again

By Sensible Sue

     Florida is once again the pit of the nation

     So here it is, we are nearly 36 hours after the second most historic national election that this country has ever seen, and we are still waiting on the state of Florida to produce a vote count. Personally I have a lot of very good friends in Florida, and hell, my base newspaper is in Fort Lauderdale, but damn it people, what in the world is wrong with you, that you keep electing folks into positions of power that are constantly dreaming of ways, to disenfranchise you, take away the rights that others have fought and died for, and lock your hind parts up and throw away the doggone key for even the smallest of infractions?

     Clearly the Republican establishment believes that the mass population has all of the brainpower of a common slug, because that is the only reason that I can think of to explain all of the nonsense that goes on in the so called electoral process in the panhandled state. I mean, I am just going to give Floridians a pass on the election of Mr. 27 percent, I am sorry, I meant Rick Scott, and I am comfortable with the thought that all of you had a temporary lapse into the realms of some sort of psychosis when you went to the polls and elected something, and yes I meant something and not someone, as hideous, and disgusting as he is. Clearly the man has done absolutely nothing, and yes I meant that too, to benefit the mass majority of Floridians, and being that Florida is a state that is comprised of mostly old people, one could only hope that you all would be a little wiser than you have shown the rest of the country that you actually are.

     I am beginning to think that there is a very large group of Floridians who just enjoy being abused. I mean seriously, I honestly think that you folks must be suffering from battered women’s syndrome or something like that. I am going to offer you all the same advice that I would offer any woman who finds herself in that position, listen it is okay to leave. In this instance, there might not be a man beating the heck out of you, calling you names, and treating you like a $1 whore, but you have a Republican governor, and a Republican legislature that has taken abuse of masses of people to a whole new level. You all have to decide just how much abuse you are going to be willing to tolerate. Honestly, when is enough going to be enough?

     The Republican establishment in Florida has shown the people of this nation in every way that they can, that they care about nothing else other than moving their agenda forward, and if you happen to need help, or if you stand in the way of that agenda you will be run over with a bulldozer. For instance, let’s take the whole “We have to test your bodily fluids for illegal drugs before we offer you public assistance” nonsense. Even my dog caught on to the fact that the so-called brains behind that fine manipulation of brain matter was basically sending out the message that in their world the only people that need public assistance, are the useless, the unworthy, the uneducated and the laziest of the laziest in our society. The thought that this country was in the worst recession that it has ever seen, and that a lot of the people who were seeking help were those who were displaced and bewildered because they either lost their job, or they were working a part time job that did not pay them enough so that they could make ends meet, never entered the small little malfunctioning minds of the governor and his posse of thugs in suits.

     In regards to voter suppression, Lord knows they really were smooth with that one. Scott and his buddies moved right in on that one and right under the noses of everyone in the state, and nobody even saw that one coming until it was too late, and I am willing to bet that many of you reading this still have no clue as to what I am talking about. Let me just lay this out for you. Dear old Charlie Crist did something extraordinary when he was the Governor of Florida. Crist granted all but the most violent felons the right to vote in Florida after their sentences were served. Before then Florida, Kentucky, and Virginia were the only states in the union that required ex-felons to take action, and endure a lengthy process to restore their civil rights, no matter how long they had been out of prison. But Crist had the mindset that everyone deserves a second chance, and did away with all of that nonsense, and then along comes a spider…oh I meant Rick Scott.

     One of Scott’s first orders of business was to resend the right to vote of all ex-felons. Nobody paid any attention to this because we would all like to think that we are at least two steps above the felons of the world, but here is the ticket, if you think that way, you had better get your gullible behind out of the clouds and come back to earth, because the Republicans made it clear during this election season that if you are a democrat, someone with brown skin, or a woman, you are on the same level with the man or the woman behind bars.

     Call me crazy if you want to, but look at the facts. The election was on Tuesday, it is now Thursday, and we still do not have the final tallies from Florida. Many of the counties in Florida had ballots that were 10 pages long. Scott attempted to purge hundreds of thousands of people from the voter rolls, and when that didn’t work he cut down the number of days that people could participate in early voting. And my personal favorite, Rick Scott and his peeps tried their best to keep you away from the polls by placing as few voting machines in traditional democratic poling places as possible, and forcing those who refused to be deterred to stand in line for hours just to cast a ballot. Now that was a damn shame, I mean this is not Ghana or some other third world country, this is America people, and honestly I think that even Ghana would have done a better job than Florida.

     Look the freaks don’t just come out at night, they come out during the day too, and they wear suits, ties, and skirts, and they walk the hall of Florida’s state capital every day. Hey Florida you had better wake up, and the same enthusiasm that you had in this last election, you had better muster it up in 2014 and work together to kick Rick Scott, and his friends the heck out of power. You all pay the taxes that help keep them where they are, so do something to help yourselves, and kick the bums out, otherwise prepare yourselves for at least six more years of getting kicked in the arse.

     Sensible Sue’s Rhetoric would love to hear from you, so please send your questions and comments to sensiblesuesrhetoric@gmail.com.






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