Florida residents must prove citizenship for new or to renew their drivers’ license

Florida residents must prove citizenship for new or to renew their drivers’ license

By P. L. Wright, Ph.D.

    During recent changes in the states that have Republican governors who are supporting the new voting laws, Florida residents now must prove they are United States citizens to obtain a drivers license or even to renew it. In order to do that, they must have their birth certificate, along with two forms of picture IDs, their social security card, two forms of bills that show their same name as on their birth certificate, with the same current address and their zip code, or they may not be able to obtain a driver’s license or a renewal, to vote without these new ID requirements.

    However, if you are a married or divorced female and your name is not the same as on your birth certificate because you are using your married name, you will have to show your marriage license and or your name change documents as proof of these changes and everything must be the same on each document. To change any of these documents including your current IDs if needed, it may add up to a cost of $50 or more.

    Everyone living in Florida and other states in America must be cautious, and make themselves aware of what are the new laws that have been initiated that could help eliminate many aliens who do not have any of their proper identifications and other paper-work when they entered this country, as well as it will also disenfranchise millions of minorities and the poor from having their proper identifications when it is time to cast their votes this coming November 2012.

    You are also no longer able to take your child into the voting booth with you unless they sign a paper as if they are assisting you when voting.  Wake up American citizens and fight back to end these illegal voting rights laws that have been initiated that could prevent you from casting your votes in any election.





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