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Floridians must vote to be Scott free in 2014 general election

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

Floridians must vote to be Scott free in 2014 general election

By Roger Caldwell

The election is too close to call, and Floridians are not voting, because they think nothing is going to change. All politicians are crooks and everyone is cheating and stealing. Florida will be lucky if 50 percent of the registered voters come out to vote.

During the primary, only 17.5 percent of all the registered voters took the time out to vote, and this could be an indicator of what’s going to happen in the general election. Traditionally, Republicans do well in the mid-term elections, when their party is not in power. If the Democrats plan to do well in 2014, they must get the vote out.

Floridians have a short memory when it comes to politics in our state. In the first two years of his administration, Scott was the most disliked governor in the country. When Rick Scott spent $75 million of his money to buy his governorship in Florida, many residents asked why?

But in 2014, our governor has profited off our state’s misery, privatization, and cuts. “There is a reason Rick Scott failed to disclose how much he has made the past years. He is now the wealthiest governor in history, raking in almost half a billion dollars; and for-getting to claim $340 million of it,” says SamDemFollow. Our governor owns a network of corporations, and once he bought the governorship, he has been able to grow his empire exponentially.

Our governor has acted like a man without a heart and soul. When he took office he made deep cuts to everything, and thousands of government workers lost their jobs.

There have been a range of social cuts throughout the state, and Rick Scott is being sued by everyone, but he just does not care. Florida is a business investment, and he plans to leave his office by increasing his wealth by $2 billion.

At this point, there is a coalition of nonprofit organizations and private individuals who formed in 2012, SOS NOW (Save Our Springs, Natures Original Wealth) to protect Florida waterways. “It is obvious that Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) policies have failed to adequately protect our Outstanding Florida Waters. Many OFW’s are now on FDEP’s impaired waters list due to the combined effects of nitrate pollution and reduced flow,” says Brad Rimbey, spokesman for the Chassahowitzka River Restoration Committee.

St. Petersburg attorney John R. Thomas, Esq. and Gainesville attorney Marcy I. LaHart, Esq. has filed the action on behalf of SOS NOW. Scott and his administration are being sued again and it appears that he just does not care about the environment and the state. When you operate Florida as an investment, you only are concerned about your return on your investment.

As long as the big corporations in the state receive billions of tax breaks and reduced regulations, they are willing to give our governor thousands of dollars for re-election. But, the workers and the middle class have the potential to kick Rick Scott out of office, if they remember what he has done to destroy the state, and show up at the ballot. Will Floridians vote in 2014, and be Scott Free?


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