Food additive MSG in Chinese foods and grocery food items sold can be harmful

Dr. Phillip L. Wright
Dr. Phillip L. Wright

Food additive MSG in Chinese foods and grocery food items sold can be harmful

By Phillip L. Wright, Ph.D.

   It is highly possible there could be a direct collation between Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in Chinese food and many Americans who eat it often and become seriously ill later. Chinese restaurants are able to add as much of the additive MSG to your meal as they wish to make it irresistible.

    Grocery stores around the country also have MSG included in many of their store items they sell to the public. Medical statistics have shown that this chemical additive MSG can be quite dangerous when consumed to give any food or drink item a tasty food flavor enhancer. However, it can affect an individual quite differently and sometimes it may be fatal, to, depending on the individual and his reaction after consuming so much of it.

    I have wondered if the many Americans who eat Chinese food often along with other food or drink items might be the reason they are on dialysis treatments from the dysfunction of their kidneys. I do not have the medical statistics on how many Blacks who are on dialysis or how they got there, in comparison to others, but their ratio is extremely high, and they love eating Chinese food.

    Are Americans being invaded by foreign entities to cause harm to them by systematic and different methods? If you can remember, we have imported defective or dangerous foods, construction products, poison toys, and all because there hasn’t been the proper regulation of our imported products from other countries to prevent it.

    What are we missing here, in our understanding what danger could possibly be lurking right within our reach? President Obama seems to be on target about these types of warnings without rocking the boat directly, causing more of a dilemma between countries. I have listed a web site below for you to get more detailed information about MSG.

    Web Site:


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