Footage of Black Men Cleaning Up the Capitol After Mob Mayhem

By Victor Omondi

In a short video clip, several Black men are seen sweeping and vacuuming in the Capitol to fix the damage caused by the Trump supporters who rioted to forestall the ratification of President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory. Although the mess was done by a big percentage of Whites, the video is not something new, as the country still suffers from the effects of the ominous racism Blacks experienced in the last century. Sadly, the effects are so vivid.

The dominantly White rioting mob was attempting to bring the election down after their preferred candidate lost to Biden. Come to think of it, if the insurrection got its way through, a tremendously large percentage of voters would have been incarcerated.

Sad enough, the regions predominantly occupied by Blacks would have been greatly affected.

On that background, the Black men captured in a video still went ahead to mend things. Democracy fights to ensure there’s equality in race, income, and power. However, the video brings out the exact opposite.

Many people have even gone as far as asking what could have happened, or how many lives could’ve been lost, were its Black people rioting.

Blacks have for the longest time survived a hostile environment. In most instances, they have been forced to love while they are hated, doing so for their survival in a racially hostile environment.

The video is a clear demonstration of the relentlessness that Blacks have beheld through history. Moreover, the important role they have played in the wellbeing of the country can’t be downplayed.

Saying that they had been there simply for duty would be an understatement. Their mere presence in the scene spoke volumes. Blacks cleaning up damage caused by Whites, a mob that despised its own democracy, is such a remarkable and dignified service.

The Black men preferred using their energy positively, to better what they could, rather than in revenge. This is the same criterion they used to survive the previous century where they would be unnecessarily lynched, enslaved, and denied basic rights. They used non-violent movements to voice out their complaints instead.

Likewise, the Black men in the video were caught up in mending the democracy, while the Whites were outside disparaging it. The begging question becomes: For how long will they have to do this?

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