The Footprints of a Sophisticated Lady

Charlyne W. Monroe
Charlyne W. Monroe
Charlyne W. Monroe The Footprints of a Sophisticated Lady

By Janice Hayes © 2017

The footprints, of a sophisticated lady,

Can scarcely be traced, but never erased

For it’s encased in dignity and grace

Every Step she takes is meticulously paced

Every Move she makes puts God first place

Everything she does is done in good taste


A perfection of etiquette, fine linen and lace

Her signature trademark enhances the place

Her goodness and laughter fills the space

Where family and friends sweet solace embrace

And love and hospitality meet face to face


She is a nostalgic enigma in the realm of déjà vu

A beautiful dream from memories sweet as honeydew

Because a sophisticated lady is the essence of who

A certain set of attributes and virtues are true


Her Intrinsic nature to Teach and to Guide

Encouraging others to Reach for the Sky

Freely she shares her wisdom and knowledge

Even helping our youth to navigate college


She Confabulates with her children in truth and love

She’s solid as rock yet gentle as a dove

She can walk with a General hand in hand

Yet in her own right, Lead and Command


Her splendiferous style is admired and imitated

Because a sophisticated lady should be emulated

Her footprints are unique and well defined

Her finesse and her fortitude are one of a kind


She’s genuine, not bougie, pompous or Snooty

Yet she walks in the confidence of her own natural beauty


By the highest standards, she’s a national treasure

Her value and her Worth are of infinite measure

And it is with resolute respect and profound pleasure

That I conclude this oratorical salute with a final gesture


As her star shines brightly in a heavenly glow

As our hearts and our love continue to flow

To the most sophisticated lady the world will ever know

I Curtsey and pay homage to CHARLYNE MONROE


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