Letter to the Editor 

By  Jake Pickering

Even after Confederate flags and swastikas Defiled the people’s House on January 6th  this small coastal community in California Called Fort Bragg just doesn’t give a spit.

They had years to change the town’s name, but their city council instead played a game.

Created a commission, they said to discuss.

What they really wanted was much less fuss.

Fort Bragg’s city council lied and delayed, instead of ditching Braxton Bragg’s name.

Where in the hell did these fools come from?


Not California, clearly, they’re way too dumb.

Voters of Fort Bragg in Mendocino County, Send your city council Klansmen packing!

Vote those racists out, then begin laughing at the chutzpah of Fort Bragg’s GOP idiocy.

The pro-slavery GOP loves the Confederacy!

And Abe Lincoln hates the Republican Party.

If Honest Abe were alive today, he would say Trump is the biggest loser and liar of our day.

So, change your name; Fort Bragg’s gotta go!

Confederate General Bragg is evil, y’know?


Now, no more lame excuses or parlor tricks.

If the name Bragg is kept, ass will be kicked!

That’s not a threat.  It’s my promise to you.

Don’t do the right thing, and you’re screwed.

Call the Fort Bragg council at 707-961-2823.

Tell ‘em to end their pro-Confederacy lunacy!

It’s long past time for the state of CA to act.

Sacramento can rename Fort Bragg like that.

Call Governor Newsom, your state senator, And your assemblyman.  Make that call now!

Demand Fort Bragg be renamed Fort Powell.



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