“Friends? More Like Family!”

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By Asia Sapp

Carlinton Armstrong and Carlson Armstrong

My “friends” get offended when I say I don’t have any friends. Well it’s because I don’t; the ones that aren’t actually my family but support me and are there for me when I need them are called my family.

I love them all equally.

So when they get offended I have to tell them you’re not my friend you’re my family. Not everyone that has said they were my “friend” was actually a friend.

A true friend, to my knowledge, is able to listen and not judge, is able to be trustworthy. There are many depictions of a friend and everyone has their own opinion on what a friend should be.

The ones that say their my friend and I have to correct, act more like a family member to me than a friend. They contact me every day when I’m sick or haven’t showed up to school or church, they look out for me, they’re always there to give a hug when they see I’m down. And the best thing about that family is we never leave one another behind. If one of us fall we’re going to pick them up.

The family that we created is the best family I could ask for.


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