GA inmate on camera being beaten by a hammer, allegedly while handcuffed

Inmate on camera being beaten by hammer
Inmate on camera being beaten by hammer
Inmate on camera being beaten by hammer

GA inmate on camera being beaten by a hammer, allegedly while handcuffed

By Kulture Kritic

America has a serious problem with incarceration, even Attorney General Eric Holder agrees with that fact.  What’s also unspoken is the amount of abuse taken by prison inmates locked behind bars.  Facilities are accused of looking the other way as inmates are sexually assaulted, tortured and beaten beyond recognition.

The San Francisco Bay View has released a distributing video of an inmate being beaten by guards with a hammer.

In the video, guards are heard shouting, “Get down! Just get down! Get down! Get down!” You then hear someone saying, “Oh (expletive) guy over there with his hands hitting him … and a d**n hammer!”

The beatings took place on Dec. 31, 2010 and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has allegedly dragged its feet on getting to the bottom of what the incident.

Rev. Kenneth Glasgow is responsible for posting the video to Youtube for the world to see.

A relative who brought the injustice to the attention of the public says that “The Georgia Department of Corrections denies this happened but was caught on tape. The officer responsible was never arrested or reprimanded. The district attorney had the video and never sought charges.

“The family is demanding justice for this barbaric, inhumane act. We ask everyone to help by contacting District Attorney Tom Durden at (912) 876-4151.”

Rev. Glasgow goes deeper into the incident, noting that the Georgia Bureau of Investigations has proven itself to be corrupt by refusing to look into what happened here.

“Within the entire GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) file,” says Rev. Glasgow, “no GBI investigative agent or prison official identifies the guard on the video who is clearly beating non-resisting Miguel Jackson and Kelvin Stevenson with the hammer-like object.

“If you look closely, you will see a very large man laying on top of Kelvin Stevenson as the other guard batters his head with the hammer. Eye witnesses state that Stevenson was also handcuffed at the time.

“For all those who watch this and ask what’s the whole story, first of all ask yourself why no GBI agent or prison official reported this – at least not in the ‘official report’ – when this is their video. The family and advocates want justice and humane treatment, the situation investigated, and the officer in that video arrested.”

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