GAGUT: The Theorem of Everything

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Alexander Speid

By Alexander Speid

 This Revelation by GOD to the then young Oyibo, greatly inspired him to understand that with more such revelations by GOD to him, he could make a great impact on mathematics, just like what was accomplished by Professor Gauss, which was how he was inspired to begin seriously searching for such revelations and which eventually 27 years later ended up with GOD revealing to Professor Oyibo the  GOD ALMIGHTY’S GRAND UNIFIED THEOREM (GAGUT) Gij,j=0.

“Anyone can just say ‘GOD revealed to me’, but without quantitative proof, it cannot be verified”, Professor Oyibo explained. “Every theory requires some form of faith, but they can be verified with truth by the lab and experiments.”

“GAGUT came as a revelation to me through an unquestionable equation”, he went on to say. “That all infallible truths are in the language of GOD, and that they came into existence through GOD’s order, including all creatures and all infallible solutions for mathematics and all other problems past, present, and future. All of those infallible solutions are contained in Gij,j=0.”

Gij,j=0 is the fundamental complex formula that solves all other equations with infallible truth. As explained by Professor Oyibo:

G—represents GOD

i—GOD’S material dimension

j—GOD’S spacetime dimension

,—represents the change or divergence

Gij,j=0 is the infallible mathematical proof the change in GOD is zero i.e. GOD does NOT Change. Professor Oyibo said GAGUT infallibly proves that all matter in the universe are generated from or are nuclear compounds of Africrogen, formerly known as Hydrogen. He goes on to say that the periodic table should be reduced from 118 “elements” to only one element — Africrogen, which was actually from Africa, where humans and chemistry were first born. Carbon is six Africrogen units, while Oxygen has eight.

In an easier way to understand;,Professor Oyibo explains that Africrogen or Hydrogen is the originator of every other “element”. Both chemistry and human life originated from Africrogen, which in turn, originated from Africa, thus Hydrogen’s true name, Africrogen. GOD had originated life from Africa, and that is how Professor Oyibo was able to see the equation GOD allowed him to see.

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