GAGUT: The Theorem of Everything

Alexander Speid

By Alexander Speid

 Part Six of a Six Part Series

Usman Oyibo became a victim of a criminal as well as an extraordinarily vicious medical malpractice where the defendant’s  hospital criminal medical malpractice actions led to Usman almost being murdered several times, through the defendant fraudulently concealing his diagnosis of gout and fraudulently misrepresenting his gout condition  as a “mysterious unknown disease” in order to deliberately and intentionally harm and kill Usman, along with sending Hospital Security to medical malpractice assault and medical malpractice patient dump Usman out into the cold for over an hour with open feet wounds to die and a malicious attack by the defendants in their Hospital’s Operation Room (OR) where Usman was ambushed, lied to, and physically constrained/held physically down by the hospital OR staff  who engaged in a very vicious medical malpractice battery/attempted murder by hospital staff upon Usman, and the attempted murder action by the defendant’s hospital OR. Usman has obtained evidence and also had transcribed relevant parts of that vicious medical malpractice battery/attempted murder by hospital staff upon him here with the recording of it on a compact disc.

Usman Oyibo had his infallible case fraudulently concealed and denied by the State Courts where the Nassau County Supreme Court and the Appellate Court Judges and staff are refusing to recognize and use any of the infallible inputs and evidences of Usman, hence ignoring Usman in the case but recognizing the defendants. Again, a clear example of the Non-Black society being polarized against and viciously retaliating against members of the GAGUT family.

In opening the final chapter of Mathematics, much like GAGUT, Professor Oyibo had realized just as GAGUT had been able to overcome all odds and challenges, so too shall all Black People as a whole.

“It is up to media to change the narrative for the Black masses, and in turn, further the people to become stronger”, Professor Oyibo said. “It is not just about proving GOD’s existence but also proving the nature of GOD through spacetime and in Gij,j=0. The universe is here, and it is infallible, fundamentally. And because a Black Man has been able to figure that out, that makes the Black Race the greatest race of them all.”

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