Genocide – Suffering in silence of Kashmiris, and Uighurs Muslims.

Mohammed Khaku

The Muslim world should break the silence to stop genocide in Kashmir and Xinjiang, China

 By Mohammed Khaku

      It is one extreme. Michael Flynn calls for “One Nation under God, and one religion under God” – Christianity”.

Yet another extreme communist regime of China’s President Xi Jinping arbitrarily decides to conduct mass incarceration of over million Uighur Muslims with force labor, under surveillance, and forced sterilization.

And India’s fascist Hindu Prime Minister Narendra Modi revokes Article 370 of the Indian constitution and authorizes Indian army to commit genocide, and ethnic cleansing of nine million Kashmiri Muslims.

What is happening to Muslims around the globe?

In China Muslims are put into concentration camps, in Myanmar they are slaughtered, in Kashmir they are raped, in Palestine, Israel conducts ethnic cleansing and in Yemen, Saudis slaughter by indiscriminate bombing.

Muslims in India, Kashmir and Xinyang have many parallels. All three communities are facing genocide by the India and China.

Why Muslim Silence?

If any country speaks, it will be struck with sanctions or boycott and if in Saudi Arabia if you dare raise your voice you will be chopped into pieces.

Yes, western powers are responsible for aiding, abetting and arming these Arab kings and dictators.

What a hypocrisy! The Muslim leaders, politicians, and communities around the globe stand silent.


All because of political and economic power of China, India and the Bedouin Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The anti-Uighur and Kashmir campaign is framed in the western language of anti-terrorism and deradicalization.

The government crackdown on Uighurs and Kashmir’s is based on a premise that law and order can be restored by eradicating Muslims as enemies of the government.

These words ring ears not only to the western government but also to the Muslim authoritarians and despot rulers who have sympathy for China and India.

Why is the rest of the world turning a blind eye to the suffering of the Muslims in Kashmiri, and China?

Why haven’t the 50 plus Muslim-majority countries been equally vocal on the situation in Xinjiang, and Kashmir?


Both China and India are economic powerhouse with largest populations using the same playbook of Zionist to commit brutal oppression on their religious minorities.

What a shame that Muslim and Arab countries are too powerless to stop them nor detest to rebuke them!

The Muslim world looks on as China and India persecutes Its Muslims population. While quick to condemn and criticize Iran, but hesitate to denounce China and India

Since the beginning of the pandemic no actions (BDS) have been taken to stop the atrocities in India or China but all kinds of actions are taken, even the threat of war against Iran.

The Iran phobia rectal parasite is residing in the “arses” of US/UK/Israel/Saudi Arabia. Iran should develop its strategic nuclear deterrence as well as the intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) as a deterrence.

For Chinese, Uighurs’ Muslim religion is a cancer, while for Modi Muslims are termites.

There is global parallel to what happening in Xinjiang and Kashmir, it is the rise of nationalism, and Hindutva. Which is the right-wing fascist organization.

The Modi regime has taken a leaf out of the Zionist occupiers’ playbook in Occupied Palestine of forcible evictions and occupation of the Kashmiris’ lands.

Like the Zionists, the Hindu occupiers have taken over land by simply declaring it a sensitive security zone. Its illegal acts are patterned on the Zionist Israel and Hitler

They have already taken over strategic mountain tops and fertile valleys declaring them militarily sensitive areas.

What is the responsibility of Muslims leaders, and Islamic scholars?

What should we do with these people who openly side with evil and injustice?

Speak Up! Silent No More!

But we, Muslims are engrossed in discussing petty issues on social media like folding hands or not. Perhaps discussion like these will get us into Paradise.

Adding insult to oppression against the Muslims in India and Kashmir the Arab rulers have sided with India with billions of dollar investment.

What an irony! Bedouin kingdom’s gives India’s fascist Narendra Modi the highest civilian honor.

These filthy rich gulf states of Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Qatar have maintained a criminal silence on these matters.

They are busy spending billions of dollars in purchasing armaments from the United States, Israel, and Europeans to bomb Yemen.

They are shamelessly facilitating the establishment of military bases in their respective countries so that their western patrons can bring bloodshed and destruction on to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

U.S. Bases in the Middle East

The so-called Arab world has, indeed, chosen to sell its soul for materialistic gains to these colonist world powers and animus towards Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Saudi regime and the Arab world have shown their true colors. That it does not care for suffering Muslims anywhere around the globe. They and the Zionist Israel care for regime change in Iran for last 40 years.

In fact, they have tried to sabotage the efforts of others to raise the Ummah’s voice at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a body dominated by the Saudis for Iran-bashing.

Turkey, Iran and Malaysia are the only Muslim countries that have unequivocally condemned India’s annexation of Kashmir by abrogating its special status and subjecting the 8 million Kashmiris to a cruel lockdown.

Don’t these crimes merit attention of the Muslim world, especially those that have declared themselves Khadim al-Haramayn?

Road to liberation of Muslim lands and Palestine passes through Mecca and Medina.


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