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Get Linked: Miami Youth Hackathon a one day minority students

GET-LINKED-students-at-Get-Get Linked: Miami Youth Hackathon a one day minority students

      MIAMI, FL – Get Linked: Miami Youth Hackathon (#getlinkedhack), was an innovative one-day youth hackathon for minority students from Miami-Dade County. The purpose is to expose them to the real world possibilities of learning to code while introducing them to the various career opportunities in the field of technology.

The 30 minority students in the eighth – 10th grades learned the basics of software coding as they created and “hack” an application to address a chosen topic related to local community issues, youth risk factors, etc. The students went through a briefing on where they learned the goal of the day, and was provided with some thought starters to show how technology has been used to address a problem. A selection of topics allowed the students to self-organize into teams based on shared interests. Once in teams, mentors guided students through the process, from brainstorming on an idea, to working together to build the idea and develop their website. At the end of the day, the students had the opportunity to present their work to their peers.

The hackathon also featured a technology career expo. Notable leaders from Miami’s technology and start up community facilitated interactive presentations centered on their individual career paths and personal strategies for success. They also facilitated lunchtime roundtables focused on careers in technology.

At the conclusion of the Get Linked: Miami Youth Hackathon experience, students walked away with a sense of accomplishment inspired by unique interactions that come when brilliant people get together to solve problems and “upload” their collaborative creations for the world to experience. Get Linked is collaborating with: Project FACE, Honey Shine, South Florida CARES Youth Mentoring Movement, Girl Power, and Code Fever.

The hackathon was held May 30, at The Idea Center, Miami Dade College at 315 N.E. Second Ave., Miami, Fla. The event was entirely free for participants.

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