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Getting less but paying more for goods and services?

Dr. P.L. Wright, Sr.

Getting less but paying more for goods and services?

By Dr. P. L. Wright, Sr.

      Have you noticed that what you are buying now days seem to be less but you are paying more for it? Well, we are being ripped of our hard earned dollars for our goods and our services.

     Next time you buy a foot long sandwich from a business, when you get home, measure it for twelve inches. You might just find that it is one inch shorter than it once was. Soups also have less of the product in it, and potato chips now have much less of the chips but more air to fill the bag.

     Pay attention when you spend you money to shop, and if you determine you are paying more but getting less, get the name of the company off of the product and write to them about your discovery. Paying for our products of technology accessories such as ink cartridges also seem to contain less ink. You can tell by how often you print something compared to when you were able to print more documents before your ink would run out.

Companies seem to be rapidly gaining financially without giving the public what they are paying for. It is an unfair practice as for a fair Democratic Society. No wonder the poor stays poor and the rich get richer. Pay attention to what is happening to your hard earned dollars when spending and do something about it. If something seems not to be fair, you can do something about it by writing to your congress men and women and to the Consumer Protection Agencies.

     You can find them online with the Internet.


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