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Glickman Saga response to letter in Westside Gazette

sharon-Glickman-this-oneGlickman Saga response to letter in Westside Gazette

To: The Readers of the Westside Gazette:

From: A Broward Teachers Union Executive Board Members standing for Justice.

Thank you for voting in Action 4 Members Slate!

We now hold 12 seats on the BTU Executive Board determined to be your voice!


A serious, unprofessional, undemocratic and insulting accusation was levied in writing in a newspaper against “anyone” who dared disagree!  Anyone!  Really?

The Westside Gazette, a local Broward newspaper with deep roots and a history in the Broward County community, published a letter written by Ted Florival-Victor, a new appointee of President Sharon Glickmans to the Broward Teachers Union Executive Board.

In this letter Mr. Florival-Victor demonstrates exactly, in Black and white for all to see, the kinds of attacks those who dare to question President Sharon Glickman are up against.

To begin with I doubt that the letter that bears his name was written by him since he has no way of knowing all the disclosed facts about President Glickman. The letter reads like a Glick-man press release.

When she decided to run for president, it wasn’t because it was a glamorous or powerful position. She did it because she so desperately wanted to see BTU be the organization that its members deserve.

How could this newly appointed e-board member possibly know what “she so desperately wanted?” I have suspicions that the origin of this letter is Glickman herself.  Nevertheless, it bears Mr. Florival-Victor’s name, so I will continue as if it had been written by the man himself.

In the last two lines of his letter, he accuses and insults every teacher, steward, technical support staff, para professional, local leader and eboard member who dares to disagree with the high opinion his letter declares of the Broward Teachers Union President. Further, he insinuates that to voice any opinion other than his would indicate an individual has sinister motivations and wishes to work against Broward Teachers Union.

Sharon Glickman has exhibited all of the qualities and dedication any member could hope for in a BTU President. Anybody who would say other-wise has motivations that are not in the best interest of Broward Teachers Union.

These are reprehensible accusations that no teacher, steward, eboard member, local leader, or even the individuals quoted in the Westside Gazette article should have to endure!

I find it unfortunate that a fellow eboard member would lower himself to state such a thing in writing, rather than just sticking to the facts!

This is a perfect illustration of why BTU seems out of control to many of us on the inside.

Some people who defend Glickman;s actions do not understand how to have opposing dialogue and keep it professional.

I for one will no longer keep my comments directed privately to FEA , AFT and our BTU Executive Board as they have been for over a year, since the onset of what I and 8 other members and opposition candidates considered an unfair and unethical election. If someone claiming to defend President Glickman goes beyond supporting her good works and ventures into the arena of accusing “Anybody” of having “Motivations that are not in the best interest of Broward Teachers Union,” I would say they can expect to be held accountable.

Mr. Florival-Victor, I would like a retraction of your inflammatory accusation!

We do not all have to agree whether or not President Glickman is directing the union in the way that is best suited for the advancement of our members, but those of us who are elected or appointed as leaders can avoid public scrutiny if we stick to the facts, and not make baseless and offensive accusations.

I now feel compelled to address your accusations directly, something I would have preferred never to have to do.


Terry Preuss, NBCT Career Public Educator

NSU – SFWP Teacher Consultant

BTU Executive Board Member 2013-2016

SBBC District Advisory Council Appointee

Author, Voices in the Hall, Amazon

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