The Great Rape of 2017

Nicole Nutting
Nicole Nutting

The Great Rape of 2017

By Nicole Nutting

The majority of us have never suffered the personal assault known as rape. We hear about rapes often enough and, in decent people, it generates a feeling of sympathy. Without first-hand experience, though, it’s impossible to know true empathy.

The recent rash of sexual harassment accusations is not coincidental. Americans are currently living in a rape mentality culture, and it starts at the very top. This country is being governed by a bunch of shameless rapists, and apparently nothing is sacred or outside their reach. In their lust for fossil fuels, they’ve shown their willingness to rape the environment by seizure of national park lands and insistence on the Dakota XL pipeline. Gun nuts are salivating in anticipation of raping our wildlife, playing the mighty hunters by shooting wild animals from helicopters. Government officials have raped the public coffers to pay for luxury transport on personal vacations. The list goes on and on, but the most egregious rape of all came last week when the Republicans in Congress passed their tax scam. 1% of Americans, already the wealthiest group, just raped the finances of the other 99%.

Welcome to “Reaganomics—The Sequel”. Never mind that the concept of “trickle down” economics didn’t work the first  time—if at first you don’t succeed, just keep abusing the poor. This is the fabulous Christmas present Trump promised everyone. Big business, the richest Americans, and the deep pocket donors to the GOP all just got a massive holiday gift. The rest of us get to subsidize it at income tax time, and many of us will ultimately lose our healthcare.

THIS is what rape feels like. We were held down, against our will, while a cold-hearted force had its way with us. Morally bankrupt politicians flexed their muscles and people of conscience got screwed. Rape is an act of power, and our struggle was not enough to prevent the outcome.

We did receive one gift from this, though. The next time we hear about a rape victim, we now have the experience to feel true empathy.


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