Growing the Voices of Our Future

In a joint effort to get students involved with the Children Services Council’s 2019 Broward AWARE! Protecting OUR Children campaign: Growing the Voices of Our Future, the Westside Gazette will engage youth in a photovoice (photojournalism) project.  The youth will tell their stories through the written word and through the lens of cameras they will operate as photojournalists focusing on but not limited to the Broward AWARE campaign.



Let Patrice plan your travels


By Leja Williams, 14


Hi, I’m Leja Williams and I am interviewing Patrice Peters-Vickers. She is my sister and she owns her on travel agency. I will be asking her four questions about her business.

LW– How long have you been a travel agent?

PPV- I have been a travel agent almost 2 years.

LW-What’s the best part of owning your own business?

PPV- One of the best parts of owning my own business is watching my business grow as time progresses. Also, I love the feedback from clients after they return from their vacation. Especially when families, couples, or friends get a chance to travel, vacation, and enjoy life together.

LW-What is the most challenging part of owning your own business?

PPV- The most challenging part of my business is meeting the needs of clients that are sometimes impossible, but I usually make adjustments and/or offer other options.

LW-What is some advice that you would give a young entrepreneur?

PPV- To young entrepreneurs: Work hard and stay faithful to your dreams. The more you put into your product or business, the more you will see it grow.



My Spring Break in Amsterdam

By Cosey Proctor, III- 14

My spring break began with an interesting trip to a place called Amsterdam. My family and I booked several flights, so we would eventually end up in Amsterdam.  My auntie was waiting on us, so she could show us around the city.  It was a beautiful place, and we stayed for seven days.  While we were there, we visited the Van Gough Museum to view his art that changed the lives of millions of people.  We saw his brilliant sunflower paintings, self-portraits, and his famous Potato Eaters painting.

Not long after that we visited a place called Zaanse Schans.  When we visited, we saw about seven wind mills at work.  My family and I went into one of the wind mills and climbed to the top to see a view over the farm it was on.  Later, we went to multiple Dutch restaurants and learned about some of the laws there.  This trip helped me to see the world in a different way.  I realized that people can live in peace without acts of violence occurring all the time.  All in all, it was an amazing trip, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Reverend Cash encouraging, enlightening, and equipping the people of God

By Layla Davidson, 12

He serves as pastor of the children, youth, and young adults of the New Mount Olive Baptist Church. He graduated from American Baptist College, Vanderbilt University, and he is currently pursuing his doctorate from Emory University.  His mission statement: “Reverend Cash is dedicated to encouraging, enlightening, and equipping the people of God in order to assist in elevating their lives to a higher spiritual dimension to better edify the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

A Break Before the Big Test

By Oniya Deanna Rolle, 14

Spring break was early this year. It was needed as we prepare for FSA testing.

During the break a lot of my peers traveled out of town. I explored local places within the tri county area. Have you ever eaten with plastic gloves on? If not you can try it at   Crafty Crabs in Lauderhill. I enjoyed eating seafood with sauce all with a glove. I ventured to Miami to explore The Frost Museum of Science, Top Golf and Boomers. Fun and educational!

Spring break was no doubt enjoyable. I appreciated the time away from school. The older I get, I understand the real meaning of a break. As students, we need time to stop and break our daily school routine. Going back to test is huge. We need to score well  for promotions, course selections and for high school seniors graduation. This test is huge! Going back this week, I hope everyone enjoyed their break and is ready to reset and do their best.

Children’s Service Council Hosts Me & My Dad Challenge

By Perry Busby

      The Children’s Service Council of Broward County held its 7th Annual Me & My Dad Challenge at Joseph C. Carter Park on Saturday, March 30. Fathers and caring guardians gathered with their children for a day of fun, food and prizes.

DJ Bulletproof of 103.5 The Beat Mix Mob was on hand to keep the party rocking while fathers and youngsters played basketball and football and walked around the park.

Headlining the activities for the event were a chef to teach parents and children how to prepare nutritional meals and snacks, a kickball tournament, CPR training and swimming pool safety classes.

The event was part of CSC’s Broward AWARE! Protecting OUR Children campaign, an awareness campaign to ensure that Broward County families, educators, media, law enforcement and all stakeholders use and share resources that make it possible for children to safely realize their full potential, hopes and dreams.

“The Me & My Dad Challenge focuses on the importance of fathers and positive male role models in a child’s development,” explained Andrew Leone, Director of Communications and Comm-unity Engagement for CSC. “The goal of the challenge is to provide opportunities for fathers to engage with their children, or at least be present, no matter what the family structure situation may be. And, if not, have a present responsible role model in place.”

The afternoon was capped off with a keynote speech delivered by Judge Kenneth Gillespie of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court. Judge Gillespie, who also serves as a CSC Council Member, highlighted the importance of CSC and participating organizations and the vital role they play in providing support and preventative services to Broward County families. “It is imperative that we seek solutions which nurture families holistically and allow them to maintain some semblance of stability. Healthy families are the foundation for a healthy community,” Judge Gillespie told the crowd.

Photos for the “Me & My Dad Challenge” taken by Brielle Henry, 9






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