Here we go again

Running Down the RIDICULOUS

Here we go again

By Wilson Nathaniel Thomas


    So here we go again. We are now just two weeks shy of the horrific shooting tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, and now we have another senseless tragedy, but this time it appears that the perceived religion of the victims appears to have been the motivating factor behind the shooter’s actions. Now for those of you who may find it strange that I said the perceived religion of the victims, I phrased myself correctly.

    According to law enforcement authorities which include the FBI, when Wade Michael Page strolled himself into a Sikh Temple in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he apparently thought that his victims were Muslims. Page was discharged from the United States Army for allegedly having issues with alcohol, and according to spokespersons from the Southern Poverty Law Center, he had been on their radar for at least 10 years.

    Apparently, Page had ties to several white supremacist groups, and was even a lead singer and guitarist for a couple of white supremacist bands. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there is a whole underworld of White Supremacist music that is rarely heard by the public that promotes the genocide of BLACKS, Jews and other minorities and their sympathizers.

    Here are the things that always amaze me about these types of people; they are the ones that only watch FOX News, they have to always to be against something or someone, facts and statistics are of no consequence to these idiots, and they will never ever re-search anything. Case in point, Page was to ignorant to realize that Sikhs are not Muslims. What a RIDICU-LOUS, wretched, pitiful excuse for a human being he was. We can all be thankful that law enforcement officers put an end to his reign of terror before he could kill even more people.

    Here are the questions that we all need to be asking ourselves, what are we going to do about these people who hang on the RIDICULOUS and hate fill words of politicians like Michelle Bachmann, Allen West, and Peter King? When is somebody going to step up and hold them responsible for the things that they say that drive all of the hate filled mongrels roaming around this country to decide that Ms. Bachmann, Mr. West, and Mr. King is sending them a personal call to arms, and that they must go grab a gun and fire off as much ammunition into unsuspecting and innocent people as they possibly can?

    Seriously, I mean we have seen and heard some incredible things come out of the mouths of these people. Bigotry and hate drip from their lips like water flows from a stream. When is enough of them and their rhetoric going to be enough? How many more people have to die because Michelle Bachmann shoots off her ignorant mouth about something that she has no proof of? Michelle Bachmann would not know what a fact was if it came and slapped her in the face. We must stop electing fools like Bachmann, West and King to Congress.

    Now on to lighter but still RIDICULOUS news, I just have to mention American Judoka Nick Delpopola, who managed to qualify for the Olympics, and travel all the way to London, only to be kicked out of the games for testing positive for marijuana.

    Now here is the thing, Delpopola claims that we was at a family members house, and they fed him a brownie that was laced with weed without his knowledge. Now, I am not saying that the kid is lying or anything, but seriously dude, I do think that a 6 year old could have come up with a better excuse than that one. But hey, Madea could be your aunt, and Joe could be your uncle, and then of course your excuse would make all of the sense in the world.

    Finally, in the world of politics last week as the Mitt Romney European Circus rolled on, the mechanical candidate topped off his insult of the British people by having the Prime Minister of Israel call him ignorant and a bigot, and then he goes over to Poland and had one of his communications people yell to the press core “Kiss my ass!” Now how is that for diplomatic diplomacy? I swear Mittens is a disaster everywhere that he goes, and the fear of that RIDICULOUS excuse of a politician gaining access to the briefcase with the button in it should be enough to drive anyone with half of a brain to the polls.

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