Heroes of Broward

Veronne McMain

Veronne McMain

Ms. Veronne McMain is an exemplary social worker who always strives to instill hope, confidence and love into each person she counsels. McMain has managed to educate several pupils with her extensive knowledge of social work so they too can assist other people with their issues. She continues to unify families through in-depth family counseling. Her work in social work has improved the lives of every child and parent she counsels. These children have grown up to become lawyers, doctors, and even graduated high school with the help of her counseling and work within her community. Not only does she counsel people, she also feeds the underprivileged families in the community and has also developed a mentorship program that helps kids with their social and emotional needs.  Her mentorship program consists of various leaders within the community to help young men and young ladies  improve their lives and become better leaders of tomorrow. Her presence in the community remains strong and incomparable. McMain is very dedicated and loved by others which aids her in the ability to continue to pursue her


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