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Hip hop icon Sister Souljah launches release of her latest literary offering, A Moment of Silence MIDNIGHT, here in South Florida.

HIP-HOP-sister-soulja-Hip hop icon Sister Souljah launches release of her latest literary offering, A Moment of Silence MIDNIGHT, here in South Florida.

Sister Souljah has been one of the most influential figures in HIP HOP offering an array of cultural offerings as an author, teacher, rapper, and social activists and continues to remain relevant for her social commentary and her ability to capture the imagination among a young generation.

By Charles Moseley

Sister Souljah is noted among the true innovators in the world of hip hop. She is considered truly a “Renaissance Woman,” who has not only been recognized for her achievements in the music entertainment industry but also as a noted author, lecturer, and social activists.

Ever since the Bronx, N.Y. native burst on to the literary scene with her autobiography entitled No Excuses, she continues to be among the top authors to reflect the elements of the contemporary hip hop experience and beyond. Sister Souljah will display her extraordinary literary talents in a scheduled appearance on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015 from 6-8 p.m., at the  Laudedale Lakes Library as she launches the release of her latest novel entitled A Moment of Silence MIDNIGHT. 

Sister Souljah recently shared some of her insight into her world with the Westside Gazette Newspaper.

Westside Gazette (WG): What have you been up to lately career wise?

Sister Souljah (SS): “The majority of my time is spent traveling, reading, writing and observing. I am also a wife and a mother, so everything I do includes my family. I am currently writing about three different novels, as well as involved in the very tiring task of bringing my novels to film. The Coldest Winter Ever is optioned and we hope to make the film very soon.”

WG: Who do you enjoy listening to among some of the current generation of young HIP HOP artists?

SS: “My musical taste is very eclectic. I like all kinds of artists and especially enjoy hearing music in an array of different languages. As far as hip hop goes I am a 90’s girl. I love Chuck D, Public Enemy, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Tupac Shakur, Notorius BIG, Rakim, The Lost Boys, etc. I have not shifted my hip hop taste to today’s music.”

WG: What advice would you give young people aspiring to develop their art form whether it is as a cultural artist or whether it is as an author, musician, or other professional pursuit?

SS: “If you are just in it for the fame, your art form will never move the soul. Beautiful songs, stories, books, films all come from a deep soul or dynamic imagination or powerful memory. Be true to yourself. Don’t base your art off of something or someone else you saw, heard or read. Only the truest, freshest, sincerest art will live forever and move the culture.

     “I like music that is stripped down, raw, not processed and canned with studio tricks and digital and heavy machinery. I like songs that make you wanna cry or laugh or fall in love or get intimate or think on a deeper level or make a sincere prayer. I like films that blow me away, leave an everlasting string of pictures in my mind. I love books that make me feel good, know more and strive harder and be better in this human life.”

WG: What brings you to South Florida and why do you think people will appreciate your new literary offering?

SS: “I am coming to Florida because I love it there. I love all the African and Caribbean peoples, the music, art, and the incredible things that the MAKER made for Floridians to enjoy like the warmth, water, beaches, the sun moon and the sky. Besides, I love meeting the readers of my novels and exchanging thoughts and feelings and time with them.

     “I believe people will absolutely love my new novel, A Moment Of Silence MIDNIGHT III because it’s a thriller and who doesn’t want to be thrilled? Because it’s unpredictable and who doesn’t want to be surprised? Because it’s an action adventure mixed with a powerful love story. Who doesn’t want an action packed, love life? And because it’s MIDNIGHT, the only character in all of WESTERN literature, who is unlike any character ever written before by any of the most admired, iconic authors!!!!”

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