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History exposes the politics of discrimination in law

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

History exposes the politics of discrimination in law

By Derek Joy

Black History Month noted the last of three Holidays – President’s Day.

Next year will be the eighth and final time Black History Month will be celebrated with the first Black American President in office.

That’s right. It took from 1787 to 2008 – 221 years – for America to elect its first Black American President. And the devil got extra busy as racism took all sorts of twists and turns.

Sure. The twists and turns are historical, some legendary.

For instance, members of the 13 Colonies formed the Continental Army to fight for its freedom from England.  Defied the premise of “Divine Right To Rule.” Didn’t want to be subjects of The Crown and that went with it.

After winning that freedom with a victory in the Revolutionary War, first thing the Farmers did was draft and approve the Constitution as the governing document of the Republic of the United States of America.

Behind the manipulation of South Carolina’s Congressional Delegation, the Three-Fifths Clause was duly included to, not only legalize slavery, but award slave-owners three votes for every five slaves they owned.

Precisely the way the politics of discrimination in law is blatant.  The Jim Crow Laws simply made the blatant acts more obvious.

The blatant acts of discrimination was also obvious in religion, where Black Americans were first denied the opportunity to worship, then allowed too as second-class children of God.

A much worse example is reflected in the reign of terror perpetrated against Black Americans by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). They operated under the guise of Christian soldiers.

“Christianity is the reason for racism and injustice. What you see with the KKK is the sanctification of racism. They wrapped up racism in the American flag in the name of Christianity,” said Rev. Dr. Zachary Royal, pastor of St. Mary’s First Missionary Baptist Church in Coconut Grove.

A step further, you see even more discrimination in the as perpetrated by those who make the laws.

Take a look at the First Amendment, which covers freedom of speech. . .

Contrary to what is implied, freedom of speech has severe restrictions in the public and private sectors.

The Florida State Legislature shackles its members. They are not allowed to make statements to the media without first being cleared by the pecking order. Those who dare make uncensored statements to the media face dire consequences.

That is no less the case in most every other body politic in Florida. Most have communications/public information offices to deal with the media. Their responses are not always with hidden or jaded truths in fact.

What’s worse is how government – federal, state and municipal – legislate ways to avoid advertising in Black American newspapers simply legislating the requirement to advertise only in daily publications.

This is what they do while seeking to have their select news published.  A scandalous reality of discrimination by race and economics.





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