History reveals highlights of the politics of political purpose

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

History reveals highlights of the politics of political purpose

By Derek Joy

     Just like that the Seattle Seahawks are champions of the football world having defeated the favored Denver Broncos, 43-8, in Super Bowl XLVIII.

No shame for Broncos record setting quarterback, Peyton Manning. Seattle simply let the dogs. . .oooops!!!. . .let the Seahawks loose on Manning, who never has been a very mobile quarterback.

But it was Seahawks’ time and it was Russell Wilson’s time. And it happened in Black History Month, as is St. Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day.

Yeah, Wilson is a second year quarterback who was passed over in NFL Draft until pick number 75 in the Third round. His 5’11’’ stature supposedly scared away NFL teams’ scouting brain trusts.

Black American. Supposedly, limited potential because of his height. One of only two starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl. That means 30 starting quarterbacks were reduced to spectators. All are taller than Wilson.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, listed at 6’3’, was the number eight overall pick in the same NFL Draft when Wilson had been taken 67 picks later.

No matter. The purpose in all athletic competitions is to win. Being competitive enough to win. The Seahawks did just that. Accomplished the task with a 5’11″ Black American quarterback. Did it in Black History Month.

Now, if we could only get elected officials at each level of our three tier government to see the need to have a purpose greater than that of selfish personal and political gain.

Black Americans have a rich history being discriminated against in American society. That includes sports.  Remember?

Too bad life in the political arena doesn’t reflect the gains in equality; it doesn’t equal those in professional sports, particular in baseball, basketball and football.

Think about it.

There are 35 chartered municipalities in Miami Dade County. Black American formed the majority of the population in five of those – El Portal, Florida City, Miami Gardens, North Miami and Opa locka.

Black Americans sit in the Mayor’s seat of all five. Women hold three of those seats – El Portal Mayor Daisy Black, North Miami Mayor Lucy Tundreau and Opa Locka Mayor “Lady” Myra Taylor.

Of course, there are other municipalities where people of color do not occupy a seat on the body politic. Miami Beach, Hialeah, Doral, Sweetwater are just a few.

Step up to the Florida State Legislature and you’ll find 26 people of color – 25 Democrats and one Republican. While President Barack Obama is in his second Presidency, people of color are scarce in the House of Representatives and even more rare in the U. S. Senate.

And those who are in office don’t have much influence when considering that an overwhelming majority are Democrats and Republicans form the majority in the Florida State Legislature and the U. S. House of Representatives.

So, the obvious questions is this: When will the scoundrels in public office act on behalf of the disenfranchised people of color?



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