‘Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit’

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‘Holy Ghost or the Holy Spirit’

Question: Is the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit separate Spirits, and what are some of its functions?

ANSWER: I truly believe that the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit are one of the same. Some preachers and theologians believe the opposite. Please give me a moment to ex-plain my view. The English word ‘Hermeneutics’ is’ the science of interpretation’, and the Greek word is ‘hermeneia’ which means: translation, explanation or interpretation.  When reading scripture you should be prayed up.  You must allow the unction of the Spirit to teach you the correct explanation. One must interpret, exegete, and translate specific words.  You must take in account the time, place and setting when the words were written. In this case it is possible to say that the word ‘ghost’ is of an older translation and the word ‘spirit’ has an innovative approach. But the meaning is the same. 

     When Jesus stated in Bible” for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days from now’ (Acts 1:5. KJV), or when Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 4:30’ And grieve not the holy Spirit of God……’ so, by the unction of the Spirit, staying prayed up when you read, and using the techniques of Hermeneutics the interpretation of the word ‘Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost is the same. In essence, or the core of the matter is that the Holy Spirit/Ghost comes from God in Heaven. AMEN. 

     Pneumatology is Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is referred to as the Third Person of the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). It is virtually impossible to discuss the entire functions of the Holy Spirit.  Understanding the Holy Spirit is a lifetime endeavor. But I can start with an examination of my life and what the Holy Spirt has done for me. (1) The Holy Spirit convicted me and make me realize when I am doing something wrong. (2) He is my teacher and guide. He teaches me the Spirit of Truth pertaining to God’s Holy word. (3) He reminds me that through Christ I can do all things. (4) He enable me and He speaks to me on how to please God. (5) He is my comforter, my advocate, my counselor and my friend (6) He sanctified me: Just to name a few wonderful traits from God. 

Reverend David Deal is the senior pastor at Every Christian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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