Holy Grail: 2nd Amendment & Pro-Life Doctrine

John Johnson

 By John Johnson II

Yes! The 2nd Amendment is the Republicans’ and their base’s “Holy Grail. It represents their ultimate desire to have unmitigated rights to own and bare weapons. Consequently, as gun owners, they don’t accept responsibility for guns used to commit mass murders of any kind to whomever. Yet, unbelievably, they’re staunch supporters of  pro-life

The Holy Grail also serves as a shroud for the evil plot connected to the 2nd Amendment and their pro-life doctrine. The impregnable 2nd Amendment, that they worship, allows for unfettered purchasing and stock piling of guns and ammunition.

The overturn of Roe v. Wade, which is another component of their plan, curtails the dwindling birth rate of white babies. They’re aware that more indoctrinated white children are needed to grow their militia. Their plan has been emboldened by the former president.

Republicans and the right-wing white supremacists are aware that common-sense gun legislation won’t interfere with their plan to install an autocracy. Despite countless mass murders their defense of the 2nd Amendment is relentless.

This resistance serves as a rallying call for those who lie in wait to overturn democracy and launch yet another Civil War.

When you rip apart the “Holy Grail’s 2nd Amendment and Prolife doctrine, it smells just like the B.S. they handed down in the Plessy v. Ferguson case: “Separate but equal.”

But these “Holy Grail” and prolife believers won’t hesitate to kill the abortion rights of mothers and extol a fetus as having more rights than the mother. To them a woman’s womb is as a chamber to a pistol. She’s only needed to discharge the baby from her womb.

If its left to pro- lifers, a woman raped and impregnated would have no choice but to bear that child. Yet, Republicans and their base won’t even support requiring an eighteen-year-old person to undergo a background check before purchasing an AR-15 rifle. Guns for them are sacred, not children!

Former Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger said, in 1991, “the idea that there was an individual right to bear arms was “a fraud.” And there wouldn’t be any such thing as the Second Amendment if he were writing the Bill of Rights now.”

Republicans and their base have literally murdered and buried Burgers’ opinion. Also, it appears as though they have the current Supreme Court on the threshold of overturning Roe v. Wade. This same Court would, stacked as a deck of casino cards, deny any challenges to the 2nd Amendment. Is this not a sad commentary for our democracy?

Only in America where the Republican Party and its base subscribe to the white supremacy ideology can you witness a desecration of the 15th Amendment and a defense of the 2nd Amendment as ferocious as the Battle of Gettysburg. In Republican controlled states it’ll be a crime to distribute water to voters waiting in line for hours to cast their vote.

Regrettably, if Roe v. Wade is overturned, some states have already enacted so-called trigger laws to nearly ban all abortions. However, Republicans and their base of white supremacists are launching a cynical plot. They’re using the 2nd Amendment and the pro-life movement as their triggers to further divide Americans and thereby recapture the House and the Senate.


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