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House Republicans celebrate as they kill off another Obama program

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

House Republicans celebrate as they kill off another Obama program

By Roger Caldwell

     The Affordable Care Act is on the chopping block, and there is not much the Democrats can do. American politics is a partisan battle where the goal is to win, and the winner is able to take a victory lap.

Politics is a numbers game, and President Trump is winning because the Democrats have no plan or strategy. There is something wrong with a party when one of their most vocal supporters is an independent, and refuses to admit he is a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders appears to have the most progressive ideas in the party, and attracts the most enthusiastic and committed workers. In the House, Representative Pelosi has been the leader of the party for 14 years, and it is time for her to step down. There is a need for an economic agenda that resonates with the country and addresses the diverse cultural issues of contemporary America.

After twisting arms and finding $8 billion to appease certain Republican groups in the party, Trump is able to claim victory by 1 or 2 votes. No one in Congress really studied the bill, and Trump probably has no idea what is in the bill, but this is a win.

Political victories are very hard to come by in a toxic Congress, and Democrats are reactive as opposed to being proactive. Sneaking through the vote without a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report is a form of dirty politics, but the Democrats have done the same when they were in power.

The switch in power has created a clear conflict between the rich and poor in America. It is sad that Trump supporters do not understand that Trump, who they think is their friend, is really their enemy. Trump and his business cronies are only concerned about the bottom line, and elderly, poor and chronically ill people are expendable.

As the House Republicans celebrate supporting corporate greed and interest over the will of the people, American citizens must organize and let their senators know how they feel. The new bill that was approved and passed by the House is worse than the first bill that was defeated a few weeks ago.

To begin with, the bill that was approved in the House, 24 million Americans would not be able to afford health insurance, and insurers would charge higher premiums to Americans 50 years old and older. This would make it harder for Americans to buy healthcare insurance, give insurers more freedom to sell less-comprehensive health plans, and take away many of the pre-existing conditions that were allowed in Obamacare.

An eleventh hour amendment was proposed by House Republicans, which would add $8 billion over 5 years to the budget to fund high risk pools of people, with pre-existing conditions in states that apply for waivers. The states that receive waivers would charge higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions.

The House bill would eliminate subsidies to help poor citizens buy insurance, reduce funding for Medicaid, and employers no longer would be forced to provide their workers with insurance. Individuals in the country would no longer be required to have healthcare insurance and be fined each year.

Finally, the bill repeals several taxes on high earners, and the government would receive a massive cut or savings of $529 billion.

The bill now goes to the Senate and there will be changes, but the Republican senators understand it is time for a win, and they support the wealthy and the rich. Trump is on the side of the wealthy, and insurance companies will be given the freedom and latitude to charge Americans higher premiums for an inferior product.

It is extremely clear that insurance companies with no enforcement and reduced regulations from the government will continue to rob Americans blind. With Trumpcare, healthcare insurance will become a privilege, as opposed to a right. Sick people will be put in a high risk pool, hospitals will shut down, and Americans will die.


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