How can Black businesses learn to speak the language of maximum profits?

Aunkh Aakhu
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Aunkh Aakhu

How can Black businesses learn to speak the language of maximum profits?

By Aunkh Aakhu

     Marketing can be very complicated. You can do marketing right and still do it wrong. It is that serious. And in today’s hypercompetitive climate, those who are quick to give up simply will not survive. That’s  the challenge of many of our Black businesses that start in semi-crisis environments. People want results but do not do enough research and learning to adequately prepare for some of the more rigorous testing, that a market spoiled by lethal marketing campaigns will put them through.

    You can have all the right pieces in place from concepts to communications and message and still do your marketing wrong.

    Marketing is a lot like a language; you can get all the words right and still project the wrong message, or worse project no message at all.

    As an example, if you said “I have a red car.” It probably would be very clear to most English speaking people what you mean. But if you took those same words and you said “car have red I a” then all of a sudden what you are saying becomes confusing. This is one of the most understated principles in marketing today. The marketing and communicating of your message requires proper syntax. Syntax matters! In order for them to know and identify clearly what you are saying it has to flow in a very particular format in order to have optimal resonance with the audience you are attempting to reach. Of course many of our Black business people pay very little attention to marketing syntax or just are ignorant of it. So this is a part of marketing’s secret lessons that comes out of the idea of using the best possible strategy. If you were to understand the concept of using proper syntax in your marketing it would be much more potent.

    So in marketing when preparing our marketing communications ,we use a format called the marketing DNA that organizes the syntax of our marketing. This helps us  become crystal clear about who we are attempting to reach, develop an instant bond with them, show them exactly what’s in it for them, explain how it works, provide social proof and our credibility as well explain what they have to do to get involved, in that order.

    When organized in that way, your marketing makes sense to your best prospects and they become super responsive to your message. No longer is your marketing speaking a foreign language; it speaks the language of your best prospects. When your marketing speaks the language of your best prospects and customers your marketing speaks the language of profits.


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