How to reelect the President

How to reelect the President

Dear Bobby,

     As a Democratic leader in Broward, I expect you want to know our progress in voter registration and vote-by-mail (absentee) ballot requests.  Earlier I described inspired volunteers.

    So close to the November 6 election, the best thing we can do for Barack Obama and other Democrats is to ensure high Democratic turnout, which we do by registering new Democrats before the October 9 deadline, and by pushing Democrats to vote including vote-by-mail.  What we do in Broward contributes to the statewide margin which with hard work could bring 29 electoral votes for the President.

    We are not close enough to victory.  With your hard volunteer work, we may win.  If you can do more to register voters, solicit vote-by-mail requests, and remind Democrats that their vote is critical in November, you will have done your part to reelect the President.  A list of Organizing for America offices is below.

    If you need additional help, I can provide you with walklists for your area.

    Voting by mail (absentee ballots) helps push Democrats to vote by bum-ping up the turnout of new voters and “sleepy Democrats” which I identify as those with less than a 60 percent voting likelihood, or essentially those who did not vote in 2008.

    The vast majority, 84 percent, of the 370 thousand Democrats who voted in November 2008, are expected to vote on November 6, 2012.  Among 222 thousand Democrats who did not vote in 2008, only 38 percent will vote this November. That 38 percent is the number we can push higher.  If we get even half that 222 thousand to vote, that is 68,000 additional votes.

    As of today, for the November election, there are 120,067 active vote-by-mail ballot requests out of 1,142,734 voters (excluding preregistrants who will be too young to vote in November), or 10.5 percent absentees.  Democrats trail with 10.7 percent (63,222 vote-by-mail ballot requests out of 591,762 qualified registrants) compared with Republicans at 13.8 percent (36,613 out of 264,592).

    Democratic vote-by-mail requests were submitted an average 173 per day throughout July and August but are averaging 540 per day in September.           

    So at this pace through October, we could increase the vote-by-mail of Democrats from 10.7 percent to 14.2 percent which leaves 85.8 percent Democrats not voting my mail, and shows we still have much heavy lifting.

    New voter registrations of Democrats for 2012 were 21,493 through August; NPAs and third parties were 19,322 and Republicans were 6,682.

    New voter registrations in August, 2012, were 3298 for Democrats, 965 for Republicans, and 3064 for others.  The margins are moving in the Democratic direction, but not sufficiently high enough to be at all comfortable.

     *  OFA (Organizing for America) offices in Broward Coral Springs: 7665 W Sample Rd, Suite #7665

(954) 648-9505,

    * Fort Lauderdale: 1033 Sistrunk Boulevard, Suite 103 (954) 647-2613,

    * Hollywood: 2001 Tyler St, Unit #8 (954) 228-4596,

    * Lauderhill: 3300 Inverrary Blvd Suite 300 (954) 552-4339,

    * Miramar: 6750 Pembroke Road Pembroke Pines: 2104 N. Flamingo Road (954) 647-2789,

    * Pompano Beach: 950 N. Federal Highway Suite #201 (954) 802-9079,

    * Wilton Manors: 612 NE 26th Street (561) 329-3481,

    * Phil, (954) 579-3932



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