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How we should deal with poverty: A Christian perspective

HOW-SHOULDHow we should deal with poverty: A Christian perspective

By Susan Johnes

      Poverty is a situational phenomenon in human life. We miss certain things in our life and are abundantly blessed with other things. Have you wondered why the rich despise the poor? Most rich people hardly give anything to charity or if they do they are only doing it to gain popularity.

Personally, I have felt guilty for the failure of giving money to help the poor. Now I am highly in favor of helping people, but let’s stop for just a minute to consider those living in poverty.

The first thing to remember is that God never intended for human beings to live in poverty. The Bible says that our Creator loves a cheerful giver. Therefore, we ought to give neither grudgingly nor out of necessity.

Christians need to believe God’s promises of abundance and operate the principles of prosperity. Then their lives will be blessed, and they will have plenty to give to those in need.

Children are all victims of poverty and are in desperate need of your help.

Somewhere in Africa, South America, and Asia, you will find a drought-stricken child, orphaned by a natural disaster or similarly surviving on the streets.

If you are financially gifted, sponsor a child. Educate them, give them nourishment, and basic needs. Remember your wealth is God-given.

How can you come out of poverty consciousness?

  • You must recognize that money cannot buy happiness however much important it is in life. There are people with the best luxuries in life but who are still unhappy. Therefore, being happy is more important than gaining wealth.
  • Do not nurture bad thoughts about anyone who is rich. The wealthy faced a lot of challenges to acquire their property. They are forced to work for longer hours. Get inspired by their achievements and learn how they did it. Perhaps you may also be able to do the same things to amass enough wealth.
  • You need to focus on what you desire. Your mind works in the way in which you program it, especially in attaching something of importance. Think of abundance instead of scarcity.
  • Never despair the fact that you may have so little. Just take a look around you and realize there are people who have little, and you will see that you are much better off.
  • Have ambition which is necessary to make the conscious effort to generate wealth, but while you are doing so, do not forget to thank God for what He has given you.


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