‘I pity the fool’

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

‘I pity the fool’

The pleasant talk of an enemy hides more evil plans than can be counted— so don’t believe a word! Everyone will see through those evil plans.          Proverbs 26:24-26 (CEV)

 By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

      Time is winding down, when this article hits the streets it will be 19 days before the presidential election of 2012.

     How many more lies  and misrepresentations of the truth will spew from the lips of those wishing to fulfill their own false prophecy and lead others off into oblivion?

     Yes, another debate between the candidates for President will have passed and each corner will still be proclaiming that their choice was the clear winner.

     Although the difference between the evaluating parameters to which one might choose to offer the title winner-if there is such a thing in politricks- are: one is based on how eloquent he presents his lies and the other is how sophisticated he takes his demeaning from the tongue lashes of lies that cut deeply into the skin like a slave master’s whip.

     What a parity of the history of this country; lies and a slave master’s whip-damn who’da thunk it!

     Nauseating conversation reverberates in my head about the Tea Party wanting to take their country back. This causes a biological reflex to my digestive system that makes me wanna puke when I envision the ramification of this election if it should fall into the hands of ideologist of former plantation owners. 

     We cannot allow the riches of some to buy the richness of what this country’s course is set on under the leadership of inclusiveness as opposed to oppressiveness.

     The 47 percenters’ had better untie and overthrow money with the power of the vote-or we all might be on a slow boat to China.

     A surgeon’s scalpel cuts smoothly upon the flesh without pain. The excellent words of a politricksian used like a doctor’s surgical instrument causes damage that is not noticed until the wound is left open and exposed for the world to see and an open conductor for filth to come in.

     As the election draws near, I am reminded of an old blues song from the album Two Steps from the Blues song titled, “I Pity the Fool”. I Pity the Fool was originally recorded by Bobby Bland in 1961.

     If I were to change a few words in this song, this could easily be the theme song for those of you who may be fooled into thinking that the Republican Party is truly concerned about the welfare of us, the 47 percenters, the common American, the elderly, the ones who work to make sure that America works for all!


      I said I pity the fool that falls in love with the GOP and expects the GOP to be true. Oh, I pity the fool. Look at the people I know you’re wondering what they’re doing. They’re just standing there watching the GOP make a fool of me. Oh, I pity the fool, That falls in love with the GOP.

The GOP’ll break your heart one day and the GOP’ll laugh and walk away Oh, I pity the fool…

     My daddy use to say to me when I would give in to peer pressure: “Who’s the more fool? The fool or the one that follows the fool?”

     Let’s not be foolish and not vote and then let’s not be fools and vote for those who do not care about us. Vote NO for Mitty and the boys.



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