If you dance to the music, don’t you know You’ve got to pay to the piper

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17 An honest witness tells the truth, but a false witness tells lies. Proverbs 12:17 (NIV)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

The more I become informed about who’s in the race for the 20th District of the Florida Senate, the more wider the view of the horizon and what lurks in the seedy shadows, are very plain to see.

When the vacancies are filled with organize backers who do not support the common people of color or economic status, the more the people will stand up; however, in this instance it maybe too late.

Standing up against displacement, favoritism and the miseducation of a people will take a strategy that is made up well before the over 20 people who will be involved in this shuffling of misdirected intentions.

Understanding that some of the players in political game have been created, coerced, and manipulated and only have ill intents while their divisiveness is far more reaching than one Senate seat.

Look at the domino effect of what will transpire. We will lose House seats, we will lose commission seats and stand a chance of having people who don’t have the interests or the will of the people most affected at their best.

This game that is being set into motion is reminiscent of a game we played as children and it is still played today at parties. In order for it to work the best, you have to be in the right frame of mind, the mindset of forgetting about your worries in an atmosphere of festivities thinking that everything is alright.

That game is the game of musical chairs. The difference in that game is- it was a child’s game and when adults try to play it they stand a chance of really getting hurt physically, mentally and scarred emotionally.

Now, picture this: all of the seats will become vacant, people are running around trying to filled them unaware of who’s playing the music, and when will the music stop? What happens then?

Was the game played fairly? Did the orchestrator of the game set things up the way he or she wanted the outcome to be?

Games that are rigged to someone’s favor are not always a welcome sight nor does it do anybody any real good in the long run.

Just as that game is being played, I am reminded of another situation where games were played and the outcome was not  very welcoming  for the one who took the lure. That game and its outcome was vividly illustrated in a song. The situations are quite different, but the selfish deceit for personal gain is the same. See if you can figure it out and recognize the similarities.

If you dance to the music, don’t you know

You’ve got to pay to the piper

Ask your mama!

If you dance to the music, don’t you know

You’ve got to pay to the piper

I spend my money on you–every dime

You even told me you had a good time

The night is through and we’re all alone

You said it’s time that you went home

You’ve been wined and dined in front of me

Just how nice must i be?

I played the tune, you dug the beat

Now come on, girl–be nice to me

You say that you haven’t known me long

How much longer will this go on?

Girl, my patience is wearing thin

I wanna be more than just a friend

Girl, i need some love desperately

Stop teasing, girl–take care of me

I played the tune, you dug the beat

Now come on, girl–be nice to me—Chairman of the Board

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