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Illegal Aliens, Children Birthright to Citizenship Questionable

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

By Phillip L. Wright Ph.D.

Today in 2018 our current President has researched the United States Constitution 14th Amendment and he believes that it may now need to be changed to adapt to the current times. currently the 14th amendment during today’s times gives the right for any child of an illegal alien to become an American citizen automatically and immediately after being born in America. In 1868 when the 14th amendment was ratified and documented has now created a stormy dilemma due to the population difference in citizenships and immigrant status of 2018. The population environment in America during 1868 was totally different than today; it just didn’t exist like today’s times in 2018 in the United states of America. The current dilemma during, the present day 2018, the United States has a serious and problematic Consistent explosion of immigrants from many different Hispanic Latino, and many other countries of which there are hundreds of thousands who have entered the United States illegally while overwhelming the American financial system for all types of help and benefits. They are having children after their entry into the United States of America. Does that allow the illegal alien parents with those children born in the United States to stay in America because they have a child who was born in America and considered an American citizen, but without their parents having legal citizenship status? Those parents are considered illegal aliens but they do not have American rights as a citizen of America to support their issue. President Trump wishes to ratify the 14th amendment so it will fit todays’ times so that it will not give legal status for the illegal alien parents to believe they have the right to stay in America without legal status because their child was born in America, as they are doing today and in the past. The parents must go thru the American legal process of law to become an American citizen, and to assimilate themselves in the American culture as not to create dilemmas. They must respect and follow the American rules, laws, and assimilate themselves into the American language of English which is the language of the country. They should not, and do not have to be separated from their new born children if they follow American rules and laws. This dilemma has created many obstacle’s for the current American citizens. It has to be assimilated by the illegal undocumented alien immigrants. They have to used these rules and laws in our public businesses also, in order for the current American citizens to function with the changes that are being forcefully created by the immigrant population in America and now in control. All of the immigrant changes should not be forced by the immigrant population for the current American citizens to adapt to. These illegal new rules and undocumented laws are slolely changing the American culture, rules, laws, and the use of the English language, and it is also isolating the current American citizens to be able to function and conduct themselves as usual in their own country and in their language of English. I heard President Trump say on television, it is an invasion of our country, the United States of America. What is your analytical opinion on this dilemma?

Sometimes in Politics around the world, many things may need to change and make adjustments for the unexpected dilemmas. These changes should accommodate all of the population of the city and the country but without changing the culture, rules, but maybe sometimes the laws but not to change the language of the city and the country. I listened to President Trump on television say, the illegal aliens are attempting to invade the United States of America. What is your analytical opinion on this dilemma?

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