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Immortalized by Denzel on screen, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter dies at the age of 76

Rubin-Hurrican-Carter1Immortalized by Denzel on screen, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter dies at the age of 76

By Brandon Simmons

     Former boxing champion, Rubin “Hurricane” Carter has passed away at the age of 76 from complications of prostate cancer. Carter was a famous boxer in the 70’s but is more known for being wrongfully convicted of murder. The conviction occurred at the tail end of his career in 1966 but eventually the charges were dismissed. Win Wahrer reminisces on how he was obsessed over the wrongdoing that happened to him.

“I always remember spending hours and hours with Rubin talking about the wrongful convictions,” Wahrer told CNN. Wahrer is the director of client services for the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted and adds that he had no regrets about his life. “He was a great mentor and teacher. I felt very fortunate to have those times with him. …  He lived a very full life.”

Carter had a wonderful boxing career for the short time he was active. In 1963, Ring Magazine named him one of the top middleweight fighters after he knocked out 11 of his 15 opponents. It was 1964 where his career took a fall. According to CNN, Carter lost seven of his final 15 matches. But in 1966, he was fingered for a triple homicide and sentenced to three life terms.

The charges were dismissed, but Carter got convicted again in 1976 and saw that conviction drop as well. After being released in 1985, Carter’s case began gaining a lot of attention and also led to a movie in 1999 called, (“Hurricane”), in which he was portrayed on screen by Denzel Washington. Washington released a statement regarding the passing of the boxing legend.

“God bless Rubin Carter and his tireless fight to ensure justice for all,” the actor said.

Carter has always maintained that despite being guilty of other crimes, he did not commit murder.


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