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Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

A pimp will take money that is earned by someone else. No, it basically has little or nothing to do with prostitution. Both women and men can be “pimped”.

The greatest pimp is not Iceberg Slim, Don Juan, Priest, The Mack or not even Huggy Bear!

The Pimp of the Year in 2020 is the internet!

In this time of Coronavirus, many people around the world are quarantined or sheltered in place and find solace in surfing the web.

Your family, friends and neighbors all find time to stream news channels, movies, talk shows, blogs and so forth on internet and digital devices.

When on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, you check your news feeds to see what’s happening, but you can only view a small portion of posts by your family, friends and colleagues.

What you see most are advertisements and posts by internet pimps!

Retailers, big and small, are constantly trying to get you into their “stables” by convincing you to buy goods, products and services that you really don’t need.

You make the money and the internet pimps take the money!

Since Black people are high users of social media and other internet platforms, they are victimized more, percentage wise, by internet predators who will do anything to persuade you to buy substandard stuff with misleading advertising.

Poor quality “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts made in China, non-working digital TV or cable converters made in Germany and knock off purses and shoes made in Japan are advertised to get money from you.

Your credit and debit cards are charged immediately for internet purchases but in many cases, the products you are buying have not even been manufactured yet. It is not unusual for an internet pimp to roll your money over for 30 days or more before you receive what you think you bought.

I know our people like to spend. Too often, we feel the need to buy a lot of name brand, designer or top of the line, junk that depreciates before you walk out of the store or drive it off of the car dealer’s lot.

Don’t ever believe that everything to see and hear in an internet ad is true. All of those ad comments about the “best ever”, “the most comfortable”, “the men will love it” and “the ladies adore it” are noting but internet pimp talk!

You can get pimped by internet restaurant and food service ads to buy a family dinner that can cost you a hundred dollars a meal or you can learn how to cook dinner yourself, spend a hundred dollars on groceries and eat for a whole week!

No one has had to survive more in America and across the globe than you and your ancestors.

We have to last. Coronavirus is not going anywhere. We can’t expect million dollar stimulus checks to help the Black masses that are dying in hospitals wherever hospitals are.

We get economic chitterlings, we get scraps. Poor people of all races, creeds and colors will get far less financial assistance than help that is given to corporate conglomerates and billion dollar business persons.

Save what money you can. What you think is an inconvenience for the day could turn out to be a health and financial concern for the year, or years.

Pimping ain’t easy but internet pimping is easier than most financial con games.

If the internet pimp ads look like the products and sales are too good to be true, the ads are probably not true, the seller’s companies are fake and the goods and services they are offering just might be substandard.

Hold on to the money you have. That is the best way to keep hustling and flowing!

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