Is DeSantis A White Supremacist  Misologist?

John Johnson

 By John Johnson II

     America’s federal and state governments have maintained a linear path throughout  history of passing laws to establish white supremacy ideology. They’ve also  worked to propagate a stealth systemic  air of white privileges. DeSantis, acting as a misologist, one who hates or dislikes reasoning or arguments, has declared that the AP African American Studies Course is “Inexplicably Contrary to State Law.”

Floridians are aware of powers vested in the governor by way of the Florida Constitution, but nowhere is it  written that the Governor can declare that a law is violated without specifying the Statute and any articles contained. He’ s primarily singled out three strands within the AP African American History Studies Course as reasons for rejection;  analyzing “Queer Theory,”   “abolishing Prisoners,” and studying intersectionality.

Did DeSantis really say, “abolishing prisoners” or was that a misprint? It’s no wonder teachers are confused and frightened by his authoritative anti-educational tactics. Hopefully, he won’t order a book burning spectacle like Hitler.

The Queer Theory  proffered by Teresa de Lauretis, Professor Emerita, University of California, focuses on the following: understanding  heterosexuality isn’t the benchmark for sexual orientation formation, exploring  lesbian and gay studies isn’t a single entity, and examining  multiple ways race shapes sexual bias.

This is far different from DeSantis radical  characterization of Queer Theory being taught. Heterosexuality has been discredited as being the only normal sexual orientation. If it hasn’t,  ask Senator Sinema, rather than Senator Graham, why it hasn’t. Senator Sinema has proudly embraced her bisexuality.

DeSantis should know that sexual orientation isn’t a skill or trait acquired  through instructions. Individuals do not acquire it like earning a  karate black belt through instructions.  Wikipedia published an article entitled, “Mass Shooting Contagion Theory.” Does any sane person, especially a  sane governor, think that the intended purpose of this theory is to teach students to become mass murderers?

However, ignorance can be taught, learned, and  used to incite insurrections as well as murders. DeSantis is exceptionally good at feeding red meat laced with racism to his base.

Why shouldn’t a discussion about the abolishment of prisons be explored? It’s no accident that Black people represent 13% of the U.S. population but comprise 38% of the prison population. The incarceration of Black people constitutes the source of revenue for what’s known as the Prison Industrial Complex. Prisons for profit earn over  $7.4 billion annually. Is it not clear why DeSantis disapproved of the AP History Studies?  Incarcerating Black people is the new form of  slavery for profit.

Who’s afraid of studying Intersectionality but those Right-Wing Conservative Republicans who think that Black women are scheming to rearrange the hierarchy of white supremacy in America?

Intersectionality focuses on studying how to get more people to enter America’s vast sphere of  opportunities; thus, live, experience, and achieve without fear of passage of laws intentionally  codified to discriminate against them. Ones differences, such as  race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and political affiliation shouldn’t interfere with their  inalienable rights.

DeSantis’ rejection of the need to explore a new  theory such as Intersectionality is deplorable. It also merely explores ways for creating  more equitable paradigms for eliminating the vast societal disparities.  Only a demagogue would characterize fighting for a renewed renaissance in studying African America history as lacking value.

Why are the atrocities of Columbus and former president Thomas Jefferson not recorded as  abominations?  Columbus and his men  enslaved the native people and treated them as though they were savages. Jefferson, slave owner,  raped Sally Hemings at will; thus, she bore him at least six children. Rather, these men are honored in history.

Again, DeSantis has risen to seize the attention and admiration of  conservative white supremacists by lauding his adamant disapproval of the African American Studies Course. His defense of his rejection represents the greatest threat to the First Amendment since the Scopes, Monkey Trial, July 10, 1925. His  ignorance serves to marinate and propagate  racism.

Is it not obvious that DeSantis is grandstanding and auditioning for his ultimate political goal to become president. Consequently, for the next two years, leading up to the 2024 presidential election, he intends to obstruct or devalue any initiative designed to elevate and enlighten Black people.

DeSantis is ambitious, a misologist, a peddler of falsehoods, and a proponent of white supremacy ideology. But does his political chicaner suggest he’s capable of doing evil as well? How should one rate his deceiving immigrants and shipping them to other states?

African American Studies as well as  Critical Race Theory, is alleged by DeSantis to constitute a danger to America’s students. This is a falsehood! Rather, it is  the lack of teaching them the critical thinking skills needed to discern facts from lies and failing to teach history exactly as it unfolded.

The greatest threat to democracy and education is proving to be the Governor DeSantis. His governance is on track to create an illiterate society lacking the ability to think critically. Also, he wants his base of white supremacists so filled with  his rhetoric of hated and racism  they’ll support his mission to become president. As a demagogue, he fears the power of ballots in the hands of educated voters.




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