Is Governor Scott following the law with the Sunshine Laws?

Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

Is Governor Scott following the law with the Sunshine Laws?

By Roger Caldwell

     Everyone in the country knows that things get lost in Florida. We are not saying that all our Republican leaders are corrupt, but some are in jail now, and others had to resign from their jobs quickly. Everyone remembers when Ex-Governor Jeb Bush lost three counties of  ballots, so his brother could win the presidential election, but it was a mistake.

Mistakes happen in Florida, and Governor Scott has never liked the Sunshine Laws and regulations. Everyone knows that Scott has always had issues with laws, and his company was involved in a $1.7 billion Medicare fraud settlement, but he was never charged with breaking any laws.

Even at a deposition he invoked the Fifth Amendment 75 times, he was never directly responsible for his company’s illegal activity.

As a result of Scott’s dark past many of the Republicans decided not to give him money for his first campaign, so his answer was to use his own money. The state of Florida must be sleep, but he won the election, and now it is not a big thing that he was connected to illegal activity. A number of Scott’s friends, appointments, and the Lieutenant Governor has ended up in jail, or left their position in a hurry, but no one is questioning his character or integrity.

On August 27, 2014, Scott’s appointee to the state’s Expressway Authority. Scott Batterson was convicted on charges of bribery and corruption. Last year, Scott’s current chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, admitted he lied on his application to Enterprise Florida, a public-private economic development agency. Hollingsworth’s predecessor, Steven MacNamara, resigned in a 2012 scandal, where he helped companies’ secure lucrative no-bid contracts.

As our governor runs for office again, it is essential that Floridians wake up, and remember that corruption does not fall from the tree. It takes a crook to know a crook, and this administration has a long line of illegal activity.

Scott has always had problems with secret emails and the Sunshine Laws. The purpose of the Sunshine Laws is to create regulations which require openness and transparency in Florida government. Sunshine Laws make meetings, records, votes, and other official actions available for public observation, participation, and inspection.

But, Governor Scott likes things kept secret, and he especially likes no-bid contracts for his friends. He definitely does not like the media asking questions about “secret emails and secret accounts.” The media has found some secret emails where large companies such as Blue Cross, Florida Crystals, Florida Power and Light gave $100,000 each for a Mansion project. In all probability, no one broke any laws, but it makes you wonder if these companies get special favors for being a great friend.

It 2014, there are two Republicans running for governor, even though one says he is a Democrat. Corrupt is running rampant in the state, but if you don’t vote, things will remain secretive, and nothing will change. With Crist things will begin to change, and we can make him accountable as the people’s governor.




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