Is the Republican Presidential candidates telling the truth in 2015?

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Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

Is the Republican Presidential candidates telling the truth in 2015?

By Roger Caldwell

      As the Presidential campaign heats up, there is no way that the Republican candidates can tell the truth. When President Obama won the election, the country was in one of the worse recessions in the history of the country. The country was heading in the direction of a depression and every industry was almost bankrupted, because of the Republicans.

These conditions were a result of President Bush’s doctrine, and the Republican backward ideology and thinking.  The country had spent billions of dollars on two wars, that we could not win, and the American citizens wanted our leaders to bring our troops back home. President Bush had bamboozled Americans by telling them there were weapons of mass destruction, and again a Republican was not telling the truth.

Maybe it is in the Republican DNA to not tell the truth, but they keep getting caught fabricating a story and not caring who finds out. The Republicans are caught in a time zone, when they could mistreat people by the color of their skin, and they believed this was ordained by God.

But in 2015, it is important that Republicans are held accountable to the truth, when their facts are wrong or they don’t match up with the truth. Every Republican candidate keeps telling their supporters that they are going to repeal the ACA with something better. Yet no one has presented a plan, and 12 million Americans have signed up for the ACA, and many of these Americans were not able to get insurance before.

Instead of spending all your time trying to destroy something that is working, maybe they can improve on the law. When Republicans say the ACA is killing jobs, but the facts according to the Labor Department since 2010 can document the economy has added 12 million jobs, maybe it is time for them to study the figures. Also the unemployment rate was 9.9% in 2010, and now the rate has fallen to 5.5% in July of 2015.

It is also time for the Republican candidates to start telling the truth about the success of President Obama’s administration. In 2013, an immigrant overhaul bill was passed in the Senate, but the House refused to put it on the floor for a vote. When Donald Trump said, “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be talking about illegal immigration,” he is wrong to think he has done anything to move the discussion forward.

Actually the Republicans have been talking about immigrant for the last 30 years, but nothing concrete has come out of the dialogue. But, President Obama has initiated a series of executive orders that will protect up to 5 million undocumented persons from deportation. Also under the president’s plan, certain undocumented persons can apply for work documents if their children are American citizens.

With 17 Republican candidates running for president, it appears they are going to spend their time arguing with each other. Without fact checkers, they will say anything, and it does not matter to them if it is true or false. They don’t like each other, and most of them have skeletons in the closet, which will be exposed.

The Republican presidential campaign will get uglier each month, because Donald Trump has turned the campaign into a personality contest. With Donald Trump as the front runner, there is no reason for him to respect the other candidates.

At this point, the Republican presidential campaign is the Donald Trump’s show. It is a comedy show, and the joke is on anyone who thinks the candidates are serious, and they care about making a difference in America.



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